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Make downward cuts in the bark of the sprouts but leave them intact. Pour some concentrated Roundup into the cuts. Do this for each sprout. It may take a few attempts.

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The only way to make sure no more sprouts come up is to remove the stump that has been left. The root system below will always try to send up new sprouts, unless you completely remove the stump and roots. The above answer may work.

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Can rock salt kill tree roots?

Yes it will kill the roots, but it will also kill the soil around the roots. This is not a good way to kill tree roots.

Why a tree turns brown when its roots are cut?

The roots provide the life source to the tree , so, cut the roots, kill the tree.

Will rock salt kill tree roots in septic system?

If tree roots are in your septic system, you really need to seek professional help. Rock salt will kill tree roots but they will still need to be removed.

How do you kill a cypress tree and its roots?

herbicide that kills cypress tree?

How do you remove a tree?

cut the roots, but not to much of the root or you will kill it

Will a trench next to pine tree kill it?

If it cuts the roots it can

Should you add more dirt on top of exposed tree roots?

No. The tree will cope fine. If you add six inches of soil onto tree roots you could kill the tree,

Will Clorox kill roots in sewer line?

No, there is root killer available that is copper sulfate crystals. It is supposed to kill the roots and not hurt the tree.

Can you cut above ground tree roots and tree survives?

You can trim a tree with no problem , but take too much and it will kill the tree.

What should you use to kill tree tap roots?

use diesel

How do you kill maple tree roots?

Depends which country you are in. You can get chemical treatments to kill stumps and roots. Alternatively you can hire a stump grinder that will remove the stump and normally kills the remaining roots.

Will vinegar kill spruce and pine tree roots that are coming out of the ground?

I use vinegar to help my pine roots get stronger, and green up the tree itself

Can you shorten the roots on a blossoming cherry tree and not kill it?

yes but dont over do it

Can you cut live oak surface roots without killing the tree?

yes you can but if you cut too much you will kill the tree.

What if roots are coming into your main sewer drain?

You can put root killer in the drain, Copper Sulfate. This is supposed to kill the roots but not hurt the tree.

Will round up kill your peach tree?

Not if you spray round the roots. If you spray the leaves it will die.

When a pine tree is cut down will the roots still support a slope or small hillside?

When you cut the tree down the roots will live on and continue to support your slope. Slowly another tree will start to grow. However, if you kill the roots they will eventually rot out and your slope will lose it's support.

What taller on a tree the roots or the tree?

the tree, roots go out in all directions

When was Tree Roots created?

Tree Roots was created in 1890.

Will removing the trunk and cutting roots of a holly tree kill it?

Probably not. Hollies are, in my experience, damnably hard to kill. Zombies of the plant world.

How can you kill neem tree?

u cannn throw the hcl acid in roots...really it helps uu

How long does it take to kill the roots of the stag horn sumach tree?

it takes at list 3 weeks to do

How do you kill a tree stumps with copper nails?

you'd actuallly have to buy long pure copper nail and not (plated) and hammer in the roots, the longer the nail is the deeper it reacher the roots, eventually the tree will get sick and die

Do roots kill earthworms?

no but roots can be damageable to them but they do not kill earthworms

How do you kill ivy growing up tree trunks without killing your dogwoods?

Cutting the connection between the part growing up the tree and the top of the roots and then eliminating the roots are ways to kill trunk-climbing ivy without killing the dogwood (Cornus spp) so affected. The roots may be removed by equipment, hand, or pesticide.