How do you kiss a man?

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Just caress your tongue on top of his, and just keep it going then comes the intercourse....Put breath spray in yo mouth so you breath won't stank...Good luck!!!!!!

LOL!!!! That answer is totally correct...Just caress ur tongue on top of his....Make sure u lock the doors and shut the lights off before the intercourse starts....

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What happens to the first man a women sees on valentine's day?

u will kiss d man u will kiss d man u will kiss d man u will kiss d man u will kiss d man u will kiss d man u will kiss d man u will kiss d man u will kiss d man u will kiss d man u will kiss d man

What do you do if a girl wants to kiss you in her room?

kiss her man! kiss her!

What is the message implication of the kiss?

In Mafia/La Cosa Nostra criminal culture, a kiss delivered by man to another man is "the kiss of death" signifying that the recepient of the kiss will be killed.

How you get a kiss from a girl?

You ask her out and if she says yes then at a special moment kiss her don't make her kiss you kiss her first be the man.

What to do if your man is cheating?


Who was the first man to kiss another man?


What day is kiss a man day on?

Kiss a man day is on March 16 (invented on march 16, 1995

How do you make a man kiss you?

you don't have to make him, just grab him and kiss him.

Did Li'l Wayne kiss a boy?

yes he kiss bird man.

Does the tradition of the best man getting to kiss the bride still exist?

The Best Man can choose to kiss the bride or simply congratulate her and it's up to the individual that is Best Man. If he does kiss her it should be on the cheek and not on the lips.

What year did a man start to kiss a woman hand?

a man should have to kiss women hand in age of 17 or 18.

What sign did the betrayer give that Jesus was the man the multitude wanted?


What are the release dates for Soul Man - 1997 A Kiss Is Just a Kiss 2-12?

Soul Man - 1997 A Kiss Is Just a Kiss 2-12 was released on: USA: 20 January 1998

Did usher kiss a man?


What was unique about the kiss in the movie spider-man?

It was upside down.

How do you translate kiss in Amharic?

Depends on the contextkiss--> mesamKiss him---> samewe if kisser is a man or samyiwe if kisser is a woman ( first two letters in samewe/yiwe pronounced SAnot as in the English word same)Kiss her---->samate if kisser is a man or samyate if kisser is a womankissed her--> samkuatekissed him--->samkutekiss me ------> samegne if asking a man or samyigne if asking a woman

How many women will a man kiss?

as many as he can. ;)

How do a lesbian kiss a lesbian?

just like a man kisses a woman or a man kisses a man.

Is it wrong to kiss a married man?

YES! ANSWER: Darling it depend where and how you kiss this married man. If it's only in the cheek and it's an innocent kiss no its not cheating. Just like kissing your father on the cheek. But if you have a plan towards the married man, wow! it will be a bit lame.

What were the nicknames for kiss?

space man, cat man, star child and demon

Did spider-man kiss blackcat in spider-man?

black cat is,ent in spider-man one

How can a girl enjoy a kiss from a man?

hfghf hfghf

Did spider man kiss black cat?


What are the major holidays in Venezuela?

Kiss a man day

Did Dwayne carter kiss bird man?

no no he did,nt