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she stares at you almost everytime you meet shes to shy to say hello and she always looks away when you look at her

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How do you i know about the girl how loves me?

The grammer you have used makes no sense -- what is it you are trying to ask? Is your question: "How do I know if girl loves me?" Or is it "How do YOU know that a girl loves me?" Or is it "WHAT do you know about the girl who loves me?" There is simply no way to answer your question as stated. If you rephrase it so that it is clear, we can take a better stab at it.

Why did John Cena get married?

he got married because he wanted to and loves the girl he married

Why would a married man tell family members that he loves this girl?

The most likely reason is that he loves the girl.

What should you do if you are married to a girl that still loves her ex?

Just hope she loves you a whole lot more then her ex, since well you are married....

How do you know if a girl from the Philippines loves you?

Ask her.

How do you know a girl who loves you?

your heart can tell.

How do you know if the girl your with is the one?

By asking her if she loves you.

How do you know if a mistress loves a married man?

She gets jealous

How do you know your blind date girl loves you?

you dont

How do you know if a girl extremely loves you but cant tell you about her feelings?

If you want to know if a girl like/loves you than... 1 you should be dating if u think she loves you & 2 ask her about her feelings it show you care about her =)

How do you know whether a guy loves a girl so much?

If he loves you he would do anything to make you happy. If you get angry, he doesn't care, that's love. My uncle and my auntie have been married for 2 years . He loves her because he has two kids with her and works extra hard to make her happy. also you know a boy loves a girl because he is always thinking about her and would leave his friends to go with her any day, never forgetting to remind her that he loves her.

How would you know if a girl loves you?

If you love her both of u will defentily know

How you can know if the girl loves you?

ask her for a bj ask her for a bj

How do you know if a bisexual girl really loves you?

They look at you and touch you.

How to know a girl loves me or not?

If the girl says "I love you" then she loves you.. If she already said "I love you" then you know that she really does love you if she tries to talk to you daily... (via text, call, email, in person)

How do you know that a girl loves you a girl?

Well when a girl sees you at first a she hugs you that is a start, the when she starts like playing with you as wresling then you will know as soon as possible

How will you know if a girl loves you?

She will tell you.When a girl tells you they love you they mean it. (: ~lawliet x

Does Peeta know he loves Katniss in the end?

yes, he grows back to her and they get married

How do you know a girl really loves you and not for money?

When a girl really loves you she won't rely on you to pay all the bills and won't ask you for money all week.

If another girl loves another boy what do you do?

If another girl loves another boy you can encourage them to speak. This well help them get to know each other better.

How do you make a girl loves me?

let her every thing she wants to know

What if the person you loves get married?

If the person you loves get married you will have to die that is true

How do you know if your boyfriend loves you so much then the problem is his just got married?

Well clearly he doesn't love you as much as he loves his wife since he married her and not you. And he is not your boyfriend if he is married. This relationship will never lead anywhere so ignore his words and move on. Doesn't matter if a married man loves you as long as he is married to someone else.

How do you know that a girl loves you when you are in touch with her in phone?

you try to know by she offently calls you and disturbing u

What do you do if a girl you don't know tells your boyfriend that she loves him and she knows that you go out with him?

i will not tolerate and i will leave that girl which is not mine..

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