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How do you know how many valence electrons are in a element?


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Simply look at the periodic table. The number of valence electrons is the same as the group number. Ex: Boron has 3, Carbon has 4, Nitrogen has 5..

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A stable element has to have at least 2 valence electrons. But it can vary.

There are 7 valence electrons in Flourine

Lawrencium has three valence electrons.

Antimony has five valence electrons.

you can tell by looking at the columns for example hydrogen is in column 1 so it has 1 valence electrons i know this because i learned it.

Silica is a compound with the formula SiO2, not an element. Only elements have valence electrons. An atom of the element silicon has four valence electrons.

Aluminium (Al) has three valence electrons.

They have 3 valence electrons unless they are isotopes.

There are 7 valence electrons in the case of fluorine.

Oxygen has two unpaired valence electrons

You can determine how many valence electrons an atom has by what family the element of the atom is in. For instance, if the element is in family 8A, the number of valence electrons will be 8. Or, if the element is in family 2A, the number of valence electrons for the atom will be 2. So, whatever number family the atom is in, the number of valence electrons equals that.

There are 4 valence electrons in the element Tin.

There are 2 valence electrons in cobalt.

there are 5 valence electrons in a Phosphorus element!

up to 120 elements 14 can be the maximum no. of valence electrons if any element with atomic no.greater than 120 is discovered its maximum no. of valence electrons would be 18

We know that rhodium has nine valence electrons.

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