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It will tell you on the camera lens or on the box. ask a salesman or look on the internet.

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who invented the auto focus camera

Auto Focus on a camera is the camera is focusing on the main object in the photo and blurring out the rest of the background around the object or person, you can turn it off, and its AUTO because it focuses on the object which it thinks is the main object. You can also focus manually.

A CPU camera lens has electrical contacts on it. This means that it also has the auto focus option, which is where the lens will focus itself.

With the exception of some very expensive professional cameras all digital cameras have auto focus.

A point and shoot camera can be a fixed focus which does not require focusing as in the single use types. If a camera is not auto focus or fixed focus then you must focus it manually. This is usually done by rotating a part of the lens until the picture is clear in the view viewfinder

The best way to focus the M417 camera is doing manual focus. Per the sales page for the camera, there has been noted that there is a defect with the auto focus.

With most D-SLR cameras, you just put the camera (and lens if it has the option) on Auto Focus (AF), then press the shutter half way down.

It can be auto or manual. Read the article link to see what I mean. Hope this helps.

sets delays for shots tells the servos how to turn to auto focus

The advantage with auto focus over manual focus, is that it usually is much faster in focusing correctly. Imagine that you are going to take pictures of jogger running towards you. Focusing correctly on the runner while he is coming towards you with out auto focus is very hard. However an very experienced photographer with manual focus might manage this scenario also. While auto focus is desirable in many situation, there are situations where manual focus gives better control. The photographer should try to master both techniques. On a single lens reflex camera, it's essential to have a good viewfinder so you can see where the focus point is.

Apparently it an auto-focus camera. The user cannot focus manually. If you read the specifications (see related link) it has a full list of the camera's features.

If you have an AF, or auto-focus lens (like the kit 18-55mm lens) you can focus your lens prior to filming, but cannot auto-focus while filming. To manually focus, switch the switch on the side of your lens to 'M' for manual. To focus, turn the outer focus ring on the lens until your subject matter is clear.

Focus in photography means this: Focus in photography depends on the type of camera, and lens you use. For example, if you have a film camera, you have to stick with the focus that is provided, but when you have an SLR camera, you can change the focus on the camera it self, or you can get different lenses and focus the image being taken more easily.

If you have a Nikon d3200, you can get it back to auto focus by going to the setting and then resetting it to auto focus.

The duration of Auto Focus is 1.75 hours.

A photographer would have to know how to learn how to handle a camera and take good pictures. They would have to know how to get and keep a camera in focus. Photographers would also have to know how to take care of a camera, and keep it safe.

A manual camera is a camera that does not have any automated functions, like film transport that winds the film, or exposure modes like shutter or aperture priority. Most manual cameras also do not have auto-focus capability.

The Production Budget for Auto Focus was $7,000,000.

The sensor senses light and image to adjust the auto focus, shutter speed, and lens aperture.

Camera filters are used on auto focus cameras to provide a desired effect. Many brands sell different types of filters for camera's and can be purchased on many websites online.

The best features of a Samsung NX10 Camera is that it has incredible zoom and its auto focus capability. In addition to that, it has amazing HD graphics and it looks amazing.

One of two things, and they're the same things that are done to a digital camera to bring objects into focus on the sensor. You can adjust the lens to make it focus at the distance the object is at, or you can move the camera until the object falls into focus. Most people adjust the lens, but if you have a fixed-focus camera like a Diana, you have to move the camera.

If you are transferring it onto a camera with the same mount then yes. But be aware AUTO FOCUS MAY NOT WORK CORRECTLY. The aperture of the lens may not be as good either. But overall you should be OK. Good Luck

yes, it will. try it it works. i swear, i have one of each camera, and it works DEVINE-ly. (: