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In order to know that ask her besties they will know for sure.

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Q: How do you know if a girl is cheating on you in 5th grade?
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How do you get a 4th grade boy to like a 5th grade girl?

well, get to know her as a friend

What does the average fifth grade girl weigh?

a 5th grade girl is about 95-110lb

How does a 5th grade boy propose a 5th grade girl?

look i am a 5th grade girl so i know a lot about girls. no affense but i think that 5th grade is not a grade for dating but if you really like the girl then i think that you should tell her how you feel but do not be dramatic about it if i where in your situation i would go up to her and say i have a crush on you and if she says she likes you then ask her out but if she says no then give up it happens all the time just move on

How do you impress a 5th grade girl?

She only in 5th grade give her a play ring or sum

How do you get a 4th grade girl friend?

You have to be nice and tell her in 5th grade?

How do you know that a girl likes you in 5th grade?

she would keep looking at you and she would tawk bout you to her friendss

How does a fifth grade girl ask a fifth grade boy out?

I'm in 5th grade too I just asked my crush out. Just do it if he says no he doesn't know what he's missing

What grade are you in?

5th why do you want to know?

Who do you get 7th grade girl to love a 5th grade boy?

you dont you sicko

Can a 6th grade girl go out with a 5th grade boy?

yess its possible....

How does a 5th grade guy tell a 5th grade girl he likes her?

Hey umm.. your one of the nicest girl i have ever met and i kinda like you

What is a word a 5th grade girl probably wouldn't know?

ikd mississippi? civic contributions cenciety thats about it

How do you know if you are having puberty?

Girl-pimples, voice changing, periods, usually happens from 5th to 9th grade.

How do you know if a grade 5 girl likes you?

Okay first of anyone is 5th grade is probably not really ready for a relationship but if she likes you its most def. a crush

How do you know if you have failed 5th grade?

You will be told.

How much should a girl in the 5th grade weigh?


How do you ask a girl out in fifth grade?

it would depend on how old you are and if she is in the 5th grade. or if you are in the 5th grade and she is the same age or much older?need more info.

Good hair styles for boys in 5th grade?

Spke your hair girls likethat i know cuz im a girl :D

How does a fifth grade girl get a date?

You don't. Wait till your 14, 15, or 16.I'm in 5th grade too and even I know I have to wait.UHG! Everyone is asking this question...

How do you have your first kiss in 5th grade?

Well, my first kiss was in 6th grade and what you need to do is get to know the girl, talk to her a lot and be funny. Then ask her out and on the 3rd date make your move.

What if a girl you know follows you with a friend of hers and you're all in the same grade im in 5th grade?

that meens that their sharing secrets about you and one of them loves you trust me its happened before.

What is the grade for a ten year old?

If the boy/girl started school late, 4th grade If the boy/girl started school early, 6th grade If the boy/girl started school on time, 5th grade

How do you make a fifth grade girl be a 4th graders girlfriend?

Just ask and say I love you girl so be my gf I'm a 5th grade girl

What are the answers to enVision math 5th grade page 178?

We do not support cheating on the homework. DO NOT ask questions like this.

Is he a subject pronoun?

yes it is but how do i know i am in 5th grade