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well if she flirts with you then maybe, but she might just be trying to mess with you and make you jealous(which is good-for you anyway), and then flirt with her a lil and see what happens

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Of course he does even though he has a cute puppy

I prefere she likes him as a brother. Even though she was obsessed with Aizen, that lead her to her death,I think she likes hitsugaya as a brother

Easy. Simply say, "you're funny (cute, smart, or whatever)... I like you."

Greedo is super cute even though he gets a bad reputasion

well i think that Cassie likes him but not as in like like him she likes him like a brother and even though she does it isn't our business its not like you'll marry him?

If he likes you, then he won't have the other girlfriend anymore.

In my oppinion, YES! he is quite cute. Though the Japanesse/Korean version is even cuter. (Of couse, this is my oppinion...)

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A cute idea may be a "Me Page" or "You Page" even though they are simple they work!! :)

A lot of people like Jake T Austin I used to until he curled his hair. He still looks cute even though he curled his hair it actually looks better.

yes she loves him. yeah obviously she likes him otherwise she wouldn't be dating him. i think they make a cute couple. even though every girl i know is secretly jealous

if you really think he likes you, why dont you just ask?

i still call my brother bubba even though he is very skinny.

Fiona foxIn the comics he doesn't show his love for her though.Even though he likes her.

Zeus is, even though he is her brother.

Megatron has no father, even though he is brother to optimus prime. His master is the fallen though.

Cayla even though cole doesnt like her

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yes of course.. most guys are pigs!

seriously even though he is your little brother doesn't mean you need to be mean to him.gosh he is LITTLE!!!#####@@@****!!!that's right Seriously, even though he is your little brother doesn't mean you constantly need to pick on him...but you always need to drive him crazy!

There is none; "cute" is an adjective, and adjectives do not have past participles, even though the past participle of a verb may be used in a sentence as an adjective.

If she doesn't talk to him he won't know she likes him so get talking.

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