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Sometimes our guy says that he is way over his ex but for some reason we cannot assure ourselves that he is totally over her.

How would we know if a guy has got over his ex?

A guy is definitly over his ex if he acts confidently about her. His eyes doesn't sparkle like as if he is still excited or in love about that girl. He probably may act like he cares, well obviously they've went out but if he is over her we should accept the fact that there is still the possibility that they will be friends and just that. It is never the same like that when they're going out. A guy will not look for some ways to communicate to that girl and he will just be cool to handle things with his new relationship by making them worth it and not compare them to his ex. If he does, well probably he's just looking for a way to cover up his feelings for his ex.

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Q: How do you know if a guy has got over his ex?
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Your ex went and was texting the guy that you like and got him mad and now the guy you like went to his ex because your ex got him mad and you don't know if he's mad you?

You need to talk to the guy that you like because it is the only way to know the whole trueth about that situation.

How do you know if you have got over your ex?

you know that your over him/her if you realy dont think about them a lot.

How do you know your ex is over you?

when he/she got another lover.

Your ex fiance who cheated on you is acting like you wants to get back together you never got over him but you are also interested in this other guy now What do you do?

Go with other guy. But get over the ex so that new guy doesn't feel like he's competing or being compared to ex. Ex obviously only wants what he can't have. If he gets you back, then the game is over.

What do you do if you have a boyfriend but you're in love with another guy But the other guy is your ex but you just cant get over him?

I've had that problem before, i hope you can get an idea out of this....... i went out with a new guy i liked and broke up with him for my ex, from then on i have not talked to my ex because he was mad he was my second, and the "new" crush kept being mean to me becasuse i broke up with him for someone i said i was "totally over" so i would say wait until you know you are completley over your ex first then get to know the new guy as well as you can before you ever start going out.

What does it mean when a guy says he is over his ex?

it means he has no continuing feelings for his ex.

Why do guys want to know about your ex?

if you are seeing a guy, then chances are he doesnt wanna know anything about your ex

You think you still love your ex boyfriend how do you know?

If you still think of your ex-boyfriend and talk about him that means you ain't over him. If you continue to hate your ex that means you still got feeling there.

Does a guy still have feelings for his ex-girlfriend even thought his in another relationship?

it depends who it is he can be over her or some aren't over there ex but they dont show it..but yeah i know a lot of people who moved on and has a new gf but still has feelings for his ex-gf

How come you cant seem to get over my ex?

It's hard to get over an ex especially when they meant alot to you. I have that problem right now. I dated this great guy for about a month and then we broke up and i got back involved with the guy i was involved with before we were dating. I even cheated on my boyfriend at the time with this guy but i still had feeling's. It all depends on how much you experienced with the person and how you truly feel.

How can you tell if a guy is thinking about dating you only to get over his ex?

He will act like he likes you in front of his ex.

How do you know if your partner is over their ex?

if he/she talks about his/ex only. if they don't love your talks. if they don't bother you then your partner is over your ex.

How2decide between an ex and some1 i just got to know who's just great-was with ex for a few yrs he still loves me but we still fight i still care for ex but we somehow cant hav a peaceful rlationship?

go with the new guy.

How do you know if a ex girlfriend is over you?

you know there over you if they flirt or date other guys

How do you know if someone got back together with their ex?

Ask them.

How do you know if a boy is over his ex?

Normally he is not over his ex right away so if his fellings are completely lost for his ex than the relationship is over. (I hope I helped!)

What does it mean when your ex talks about you with another guy?

Maybe the other guy likes u and wants to know bout u or ur ex still has intetest in u

How to get over an ex that is still in your heart?

try to get over him.. you wont be able to do that if you will still do the things that you are used to doing before when you are still together.. that is what you called moving on.. move on to a new life that would give you much relief!! GO OUT!!!! When I had to get over my ex boyfriend, I went out with my girl friends (if ur a guy go out w/ur guy friends) and got my flirt on!!!! It's so liberating....

What does it mean when boyfriend says You Got Me?

your boyfriend wants to know he can trust you ex: you got me if i fall

I had a dream about my ex gf she just told me she been hooking up with another guy and i know who the guy is but in the dream the guy who she was with is not the guy she is hooking up with?

go and sleep and dream again for your answer!

In miss popularity how do you get the dream guy to choose you over the ex girlfriend?

I need help too, i read somewhere that you have to buy romantic clothes but he still doesn't chose me. and i don't know where to find the ex to fight her

You like a guy and he likes you back but he still cant get over his ex?

Move on!

What to do with an ex that still likes you?

You should either ignore them. Or be there friend. I had an ex who was in love with me and all I did was ignore him and he got over me

If your Ex asks you if you love her what does that mean?

It probably means that she still loves you or likes you or she wants to know if you ever got over her because maybe she didn't.

Is your crush over their ex?

wow, didn't know they all liked the same person, but the answer would be no, my crush is not over their ex.