How do you know if a guy has got over his ex?

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Sometimes our guy says that he is way over his ex but for some reason we cannot assure ourselves that he is totally over her.

How would we know if a guy has got over his ex?

A guy is definitly over his ex if he acts confidently about her. His eyes doesn't sparkle like as if he is still excited or in love about that girl. He probably may act like he cares, well obviously they've went out but if he is over her we should accept the fact that there is still the possibility that they will be friends and just that. It is never the same like that when they're going out. A guy will not look for some ways to communicate to that girl and he will just be cool to handle things with his new relationship by making them worth it and not compare them to his ex. If he does, well probably he's just looking for a way to cover up his feelings for his ex.

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