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  • Contrary to movies, TV shows and romantic novels, there is no way you can know this with certainty.
There is no magic or mathematical formula for such things.

There are no such guarantees in life in this matter and many others.

You can use the information and evidence that you see. How he or she treats you and acts with you.

That is all anyone can do. Some people are fortunate, others less so.

  • When both of you have no problems committing yourselves to freely demonstrate such qualities as compassion, respect, compromise and dependability, then you may be right for each other.

The KEY to true Love and Romance are not like recipes that you can use for that perfect relationship. That Key is unique to every couple and relates to their social cultures and values. Almost every human relationship has its ups and downs. When you can focus on the important and valuable stuff that makes it all worthwhile, rather than curse the stuff that causes pain then you are on the way to finding that right person.

  • Well, if this person makes you happy and you can see yourself with this person in the next 3 years then that person is right for you. However, if this person annoys you then no, they are not the right one for you.
  • Because you'll just know he may very different from what you want but it may be better you cant look for love because it will just hit you you'll meet someone and if your even asking if he is right for you then try it out and see for yourself.
  • I always told my daughters, before even beginning a relationship, to get a sheet of paper and write down 10 qualities that you must have in a man that you want to marry, in the order of their importance. Then scratch the last 2 off, because nobody's perfect. The problem with people looking to get into a relationship is that they set absolutely no standards outside of being nice and good-looking. What is it that you really, really want in a man? When you figure that out, under no circumstances do you deviate from those qualities. If you were going fishing for a stringer full of perch and walleyes, and the fish weren't biting, then all of a sudden you caught a carp, would you be happy with the carp on your stringer, just because you're able to say you caught something? Or would you keep right on fishing until you caught what you were fishing for? Personally, I would NOT settle for a carp. Also, you should always look for someone with similar interests. If you're a Republican, you don't want a Democrat. If you're a Christian, you don't want a Muslim. If you're Buckeye fan, you don't want a Wolverine. Above all, KNOW WHAT YOU WANT, FIRST. Then, don't settle for any less, or you may live to regret it. Have enough love and respect for yourself to use the wisdom that God will give to you, rather than letting your feelings do the talking. God bless and best wishes!
  • Actually, the first thing is the initial attraction. If this is not there, it is impossible for any other thing to take place. Then after the attraction, you start knowing this guy. You look at where you are in life and where you want to be. If this man seems like one who wants to grow with you, then for those moments, you are right to say that he is right for you but one needs to understand that in life people change, re-prioritize. A man who is willing to accept your changes and is ready to grow in different directions while still in a relationship with you is the best thing a girl can ask for. All in all you never know when a man is right for you, but you should be able to tell at that precise moment a man is in your life if you see yourself in his plans and him in yours for many years to come.

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