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Is this a conventional coil, a hei coil, or a coil over each plug?? need more info, but is has a wire, hold approximately 1/4 inch from ground and see if archs, if High Energy coil, hold plug wire about 1/4 in from ground and see if fires, if coil over plug individualy, not sure how to check them. good luck

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βˆ™ 2007-02-26 03:59:41
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Q: How do you know if a ignition coil still works?
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I replaced the ignition module and coil packs and need to know what sends the signal to the module?

sounds like we are having the same type of issue, I replaced ignition Module and coil pack, and still no spark the last thing to change is the Computer.

How do you know ignition coil 2 from ignition coil 5 on a Ford F 150?

firewall 4 - 8 3 - 7 2 - 6 1 - 5 front of Ford F-150 ( with the Coil On Plug ignition system )

1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera Coil - Ignition wires?

ANSWERWhat do you need to know about the coil ignition wires? we can't help unless we know what the problem is lol be just a little more specific

How do you know you have a bad ignition coil?

The car may misfire or not accelerate properly

Where is the ignition coil on a 99 Chevy s-10?

We need to know what engine it has to answer that question.

How do you know which wire is positive and which is negative on the electronic ignition coil for a 90 Prelude?


How is a ignition coil installed in a Mercedes Benz E320?

i dont know can u tell me

Lincoln LS v6 where in the is the number 5ignition coil?

MY NAME IS antonio Ballard .I need to know .Where the #5 ignition coil is located in the to fix it

Did anyone know about Hipa brand parts How about their performance??

Yes, I used their ignition coil with high quality. Recommend!

Where is the Location of ignition coil 2004 suzuki Verona?

They told me that i needed to replace the ignition coil on my 2004 Suzuki Verona, my question is how do i know which to change because i just found out the are 6 of them. Do i have to replace them all?

How do you check ignition module on a olds 88?

Need to know the firing order for a 1989 Olds 88 and the corresponding numbers on the ignition coil pack

What causes no firing on a 350 v8 motor?

It would REALLY HELP to know the year. Could be these things. Ignition module in distributer, pick-up coil in distributer, Bad COIL wire, Rotor button. Depending on the year 1996 and up it could be a CAM sensor, CRANK sensor, Ignition coil, ignition module.

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