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How do you know if a man is planning on leaving you?



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Well you will know it off the top because he doesn't answer your text messages or he doesn't put his time into you.. He will only want you to come around on your time but when you want to he doesn't want you too.. Then he will tell you these exact word " I NEED TO FIGURE OUT WHAT I NEED". Trust me i was told those exact words and then it was over.. Chellsea Castro


Well, you would at first see a lost of interest in you and activities to do together. He may tell you he has to work later hours so as not to come home early and then eat alone and go to bed. He may start ignoring your needs. He could start to forget special holidays or memories. He may become tighter with his money and you could sense something odd. Is he making excuses for going out with out you and is he changing his appearance. You obviously feel something, us womancan do that. The best thing to do is just ask him. Get it out of the way and then the two of you can just move on with your lives the best possible. If there are children involved, don't fightabout material items or money, split every thing evenly and realize the only thing that is going to change is the living arrangements because you both still have to be parents to the kids and have the right to live the rest of your lives happily. Good Luck