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You don't. That's the problem.

Maybe they loved you based on what they THOUGHT was love or the closest thing they could feel to being love. Narcissists typically don't actually feel emotions like love or guilt. Its possible the whole relationship was a lie and they were only out for their own purposes. That's the toughest part to accept. Anyone who claims to love you and then drops you like a rock probably never loved you. That's a harsh thing to say but I speak from experience. And trust me, it will help you to accept that and let go of this person. As much as it hurts now.


I don't know if you can ever know that answer. I think their idea of love is about control. The person may have loved or loves you as much as they are capable of feeling that emotion they define as love. However, actions speak louder than words. You have to remember this though. They can dump you like a hot potato for another person but they will do that to them too. Therfore, its nothing in any way about you. They may have just realised you are too much of a challenge to control. There could be many reasons.


My ex N said he loved me once. He said he wanted to have children with me, take me all over the world and spend the rest of his life with me...but said he loved me once. That was when he was leaving at the airport to go overseas. He came back a year later with another woman. I hung on that "I love you" for a year. The one he is with now will only suffer the same fate. Poor thing; but thank god its not me suffering all over again.


They don't love anyone.


I think they love you in the moment. And that's about it.

They love the things you can give them, They love the fantasy you help them promote about their superiority, omnipotence and self impotance. They love the impression you can help them make on others, they love controlling you, and they love to then gain your trust and loyalty, twist your mind and isolate you and then destroy you by taking you apart piece by piece. They are not lovers, they are haters.

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Q: How do you know if a narcissist ever loved you?
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Do narcissist ever stop being a narcissist?

No - absolutely not....

Does a narcissist know he's a narcissist?

No, the narcissist does not know, after all he is perfect and everyone else around him is at fault.

Can a narcissist ever be a lover?

Who to?

Would a narcissist say that they arent deserving of love?

No, a narcissist wouldn't EVER say they aren't deserving of love. However, deep down in side they know itNew Answer=My ex did,he said :I am dirt,love is not for me.

How will a narcissist act once they know that you love them?

They will start to degrade and abuse you worse than ever. Get away!

Does a narcissist know he is a narcissist?

No,he don't know that he's a narcissistic but he know something is wrong, but don't know what the problem is. He knows,he is different and strange from other people.

Does a narcissist know they are a narcissist?

I was married with a narcissist before, that's one of his problems. With me, trying to interview him indirectly, he mentioned when he was in his right calm mind, that he knows there's something wrong with him but doesn't know exactly.

Is it normal for a narcissist to say they dont know what love is because they have never had it in their lives even though you told them how much you loved them?

The only "love" a narcissist knows is self-love. Their inability to empathize with anyone else means they are unlikely to know what love is. A narcissist will say anything to maintain their narcissistic supply. If you are the source of this supply, and they realised that if they said they don't know what love is will get you to increase that supply, then they will say it. Please be careful. Look after yourself.

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Has any spouse of a Narcissist ever felt that their spouse was flirting with other women in front of them?

Well of course. That's a how a narcissist valids himself.

What is the definition of the Narcissist?

the definition of narcissist is a person that has narcissism and i know your question what is narcissism it it when someone loves themselves in a obsessive way

How do you know if your ex ever really loved you?

well,he either told you or you can tell by the way he or she acted i know mine loved me cause my friend told me he said that he loved me and he had feelings 4 me!Or mabe you can just ask and if that person says yes then they really did have feelings 4 u!

How do you know its over with a narcissist?

Your mirror has been stolen.

How do you you either get revenge on a Narcissist or let him know you are on to him?

Leave him

How do you know if you are dating a narcissist?

It is best to ignored a narcissist?

Yes it is......... I know from experience

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If I was the best thing to ever happen to my narcissist boyfriend and loved him unconditionally and catered to his every whim then why did he cheat on me with a friend discard me and never look back?

If he was a narcissist, then nothing you did could ever be a good as he knew he "deserved." So he looked elsewhere, which he'll probably keep doing for the rest of his life, no matter how well the woman he's with treats him.He wanted something other than what he got from you. I think it's the same answer regardless of his psychiatric diagnosis, if any. It would be harder to please a narcissist than the average person. The person trying to please a narcissist wouldn't get empathy back, among other things, so it might be for the best to have a narcissist leave you. But I don't think the trigger for that happening is much different than any other relationship.

Can a narcissist handle rejection?

No because rejection means you know who and what they really are and know all their true self. They think they are god and that one cannot live without them. They believe that you are the one who needs them, when in reality it is the other way around. Once a narcissist always a narcissist. They cannot change

Can a narcissist love?

I do not think that a narcissist is able to truly love, or show compassion or empathy. Perhaps because they did not feel loved as a child, so as to know how to love. I feel that children follow their parents' example. I feel that when a person is about to get married, that he/she should see the dynamics of the person's family before making a decision. These are just my thoughts, with some experience.

How does a narcissist become a narcissist?

They are born that way. A narcissist is just a milder form of a psychopath, they can feel shame and guilt but that is all. You will know when you have been around a narcissist because you will feel used abused and robbed. Read all you can on this horrific disorder.

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