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After you post a question, other WikiAnswers contributors will see it immediately in the category where you placed it, in the unanswered questions lists, and via e-mail updates the next day. If they can help you they will respond. Since it is all volunteer and user-driven, there is no way to promise that answers will come in a certain amount of time.

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โˆ™ 2009-08-22 18:40:10
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Q: How do you know if anyone is here to answer your questions on WikiAnswers?
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Can brands have accounts on WikiAnswers?

Brands can have account on WikiAnswers. Anyone can have an account on WikiAnswers. You cannot use WikiAnswers for spam; it is to be used to only to answer questions for people or ask questions that people may want to know.

Why do people you don't know answer your questions?

That's what it is in Wikianswers. There are thousands of contributors and these contributors answer questions posted by anyone.

How do you become a better contributor on WikiAnswers?

Ask sensible questions, answer sensible answers, only answer questions if you know the question, and Wikianswers isn't here for jokes and riddles.

How does WikiAnswers know all of the answers to these questions?

Wikianswers does not answer your questions. It is people from around the globe on the internet that answer the questions.

Where does WikiAnswers obtain their answers?

Questions on WikiAnswers are answered by various people who enjoy answering questions. Anyone can do it if they create an account on the site. Some of us already know the answers. Others do a little research.

I am Wikianswers. I am here to answer your questions. If you need help with anything just let me know and I will help you. Welcome to

Why, thank you! :)

How does WikiAnswers know everything about every question?

Well, we don't know everything about every question, although we try!Wikianswers is not a magic 8 ball, WA doesn't actually answer the questions. People in the WA community answer the questions. Anyone who sees a question that they know the answer to can answer it. So I am sure there are a handful of question that people have submitted that cannot be answered. But the community does their best to answer all questions that they can!

Does WikiAnswers ask all your question?

WikiAnswers does not ask your questions for you - you must ask the question. WikiAnswers does not know what your question is, so we wait for you to post it to the community, and it will be answered from there. There is a likely chance that the question you have is already on here, but it isn't always there.

Is there anything WikiAnswers can't answer?

Well Wikianswers is not a magic 8 ball, WA doesn't actually answer the questions. People in the WA community answer the questions. Anyone who sees a question that they know the answer to can answer it. So I am sure there are a handful of question that people have submitted that cannot be answered. But the community does their best to answer all questions that they can!

Why does WikiAnswers know nothing?

wikianswers know most things but some questions we're not sure of the answer to them!! Good question

All you see here is questions where are the answers?

WikiAnswers is a website in progress still, as many questions are asked but a third or less get answered. WikiAnswers thrives on contributors to answer questions and make the site better. These volunteer contributors put hundreds of hours in for WikiAnswers to answer questions to improve the overall quality of the site. If you know the answer to a question, answer it. The answers do not automatically pop up here and appear from thin air - they have to get here some how. This answer misses the point. Or at least many of us cannot find tne answers. Questions that have answers do not show the answers. Why not?

What is the purpose of categorizing questions on WikiAnswers?

It helps people answering questions find questions they might know the answer to.

If you don't know the answers why are you here?

I know many of the answers to many questions, and I am here because I know the answers. That is the same reason why many other contributors are here. If they don't know the answer to a question, then they are helping WikiAnswers in a different way - i.e., splitting alternates, asking questions, recategorizing questions, etc. And... we're trying to help. we answer what we can. would you rather we just randomly answer questions so they're wrong? No, so chill out and take a pill.

Why are there so many questions about cameras on WikiAnswers?

Because people that don't know how to work a component on a camera can come here to find an answer. There are also numerous questions about computers, guitars, and much more.

Why do people put not sure Questions on here?

They do it because they do not know what they do so if anyone knows the answer to the question they can post it to the person who doesn't know the answers

Is there anything WikiAnswers doesnt know?

We don't know if we know everything but we will try to answer all the questions we can!

Why is WikiAnswers untrustworthy?

WikiAnswers can be untrustworthy because there are vandals who decide to spam questions, or users who answer questions that they do not know the answers of. However, there are many users on WikiAnswers who are experts on a topic or do research for a question and can be considered trustworthy.

Does anyone know Anything about baseball cards?

Yes. There are plenty of people on WikiAnswers that know about baseball cards but you have to ask a question to get an answer. See Related Questions below for more information on baseball cards.

Does anyone answer the questions honestly here?

Yes. I do, at least. Most of the folks here are honestly striving to answer your questions. i don't know sorry. i hope they do because I'm asking question for my homework

Why do people go to WikiAnswers?

People come to Wikianswers to find out questions on stuff they dont know and share their knowledge about stuff they know. It is a mutually beneficial community where you ask what you do not know and help others with things you know by answering their questions.

Why does WikiAnswers have unanswered questions?

Users on WikiAnswers give the answers so it depends on if they know the answer or if they have seen the question yet.

What is the point of becoming a member here at WikiAnswers?

You can ask and answer questions and share your knowledge with the WikiAnswers community! WikiAnswers is all about sharing knowledge with the rest of the world, so the more knowledge you share, the more people you are helping out and the more people will appreciate you (even if they don't know you).

Can i know the name of a site which will direct me to answers in 24 carrot poptropica?

WikiAnswers!!!! The answers and questions are all here! You can ask them anywhere! will help you in no time!

Do you know that these coin answers are wrong?

If you find a wrong answer on WikiAnswers, you are welcome to correct it. That is the way WikiAnswers works, anyone can answer a question, and anyone can change what another has answered.

How do you not know this stuff when i asked all the other stuff and you ansered them right?

WikiAnswers has many, many people who answer questions. It's possible that the people who can answer your questions are not here at the moment. You should have other resources too, WikiAnswers is just one possible place to find answers.