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Unfortunately, no one but him could possibly know if he truly loves her.


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well if he really loves you like he say then youll know he loves you but sometimes depend on their action

if he would rather spend time with you than his friends, he really loves you and if he has that twinkle in his eye when he tells you he loves you then he means it

he will give you lots of fingering

Actions speak louder than words. If she loves you then it will all work out

If your boyfriend treats you right- then you know he loves you. It doesn't matter what he says- it matters what he does!

He won't ditch you for his friends

if he really cares for you. If he puts you in front of anything, than.

If a guy tells you that he loves you it can mean he loves you as a really good friend and wants to get to know you more, or it can mean he really loves you and wants you to be with him Hope this helped :)

that is npt really a question that can be answered... you should just know..

i don't know but i know he really loves dogs

Two months is not enough time. If you have to ask whether or not he loves you, then he doesn't.

i don't really know what because he loves it

When a girl really loves you she won't rely on you to pay all the bills and won't ask you for money all week.

i think you will know by the way she's expressing it an showing it. and like if your sick and she comes to you and look afters you all the time that means she really likes you. and if shes there for you everytime when you need her that means she really loves you..=) the only easy way you'll know that she really loves you is when ever shes with you she blushes ;D

In order to know if someone loves you especially a guy they would be competely genuine with it. If he looks into your eyes. Listen to you but before you can love him back and before you know if he loves you back. You guys have to be bestfriends like as in friends not just someone you met. Love is patient and kind you would know if he really loves you. There would be signs to show if hes caring or not.

You just know. Maybe they'll stand by you through everything. You'll know if they do.

If you're asking that he probably does. You should ask him though, I don't know you or him personally or at all really.

there are a lot of ways to tell... when he looks at you and his eyes get soft and his face turns mellow... he loves you.

nice guy, a really really nice guy everyone loves him you know

Answer You know if someone loves you back by their body rythem, the way they look into your eyes should tell you but if your really don't know, why not ask that person, that way you won't have to guess, you will know.

yes he loves karina arevalo he really loves you yes he loves karina arevalo he really loves you

He does Like her as a student but i dont really know if he loves her.

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