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Then you should ask him out. Or be his friend and talk to him for a while and after that ask him out. Its that simple!

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If it was me I would follow my heart, I am in this situation right now and I know I am going to try and be with the guy I like, because I know that I really like him and aren't just dating him for the sake of it

You have to really think about it, do you really like that guy or not?

Once you start dating, and the guy seems really interested and nice and funny to you, then you'll know ;)

If you really like a guy, the best way is making sure that he has your attention.

if you really like this guy, then get to know should like guys for their personality's as well as once you get to know him then you can decide if you really like him. Who know's you might actually really hate him.

First ask yourself these questions: How much do I like him?Is he worth it?Will he treat me right?Does he really know me?You should decide on which guy you like first though c; goodluck!

I really don't know to be honest because I had a guy do this to me I was so confuss

Ok girls out there here is some good advice if a guy isn't ready for a relationship he really doesnt like to hang out only with his guy friends with for a fact i know the relation is over!

i dont know really but i do know if you like a guy if you cant talk to him just write a note

Well, from my experiecse, you'll always be thinking of him.You know if you like a guy if your in a crowd and you can find him under a minute without really trying.and last, When he speaks to feel amazing!Like you won The lotto!

Then maybe that guy isn't the right one for you. There are plenty of guys out there and if he is the perfect guy for you, he will like you for you. I know that is a bit poetic but it is true.

You can just know it. You will be able to feel it in your heart that you know it.

If you really like him and he know you do then have a friend or someone that you know ask him if he likes you thenif he does ask him out....

If a guy every asks you if you would Mary him and you really like him and you know him really well ,then say yes

you dont but if u really like him wait for the right time n place n i bet u he will lik it!!!!!

no girl should ever be ashamed to tell a guy how they feel, just put it out there just do it at the right time tho(:

you need to know that he likes you too and wants to tell you that.

wait until you know how much you like him...............then you should do opinion

He likes you. No guy just wants to get to know random girls.

Tell him. What do you have to lose, right? The worst that is going to happen is that he will say "No", right?_________________________________________________________________As a guy, I can tell you that the best you can do is make sure this guy is right for you BEFORE you ask him. That way, even if he says, "No", you won't have lost much or you won't even have to waste your breath.This girl I know really, REALLY liked this guy and thought he was "Mister Perfect". Unfortunately, he cheated on her.Get to know the guy and MAKE SURE THAT HE IS ABSOLUTELY WORTH YOUR TIME OF DAY AND MORE BEFORE YOU TELL HIM.-C. L. Sawyer

If you like a guy than wait for the right moment then you"ll know when to kiss him but dont go to far "if you know what im saying".

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