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They don't work and are only an emergency repair. If you have a blown head gasket the only way to repair it is to replace it.

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Q: How do you know if the head gasket sealant worked?
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Will gasket sealant work for a blown head gasket on a 98 sable?

It's not even worth trying. The pressure in the cylinders during compression will blow away any gasket sealant. The ONLY way is to remove the head, have it resurfaced then put it back together. NO IT WON'T only thing that will help is a new gasket set ( I KNOW DAMET )

How do you know how much sealant to put on the transmission pan gasket?

none. if you use a gasket dont use sealant. Also never use sealant on a automatic trannsmission. It could damage the tranny and will not last.

When there is gas in the oil on a 2001 neon can it be a head or intake gasket?

I don't know which one was at fault but I replaced the head, the head gasket, and the intake manifold gasket.

Blown head gasket 1996 BMW 328i?

what are you asking here? PLease be more specific - how do I know if my head gasket is blown, or what do I do about a blown head gasket ......

How do you know if its a cracked head or blown head gasket?

You will not know until your remove the head. You have to remove the head in order to replace the gasket and once you have the head removed have it magna fluxed at a machine shop. That will reveal any cracks.

Looking at the head gasket how do i know it is blown?

You may not see anything on the gasket. Usually a head gasket "blows" because of overheating that causes the head to warp. A gasket can be bad but there should be a visable break very often in the ring around the cylinder.

How do you know if you need a new head gasket or a thermostat on a 1995 Pontiac grand prix?

You will need a new head gasket if you see engine coolant in the oil. I don't know about the thermostat.

How do you know when your head gasket is gone?

you will have antifreeze in your oil!

How much for a head gasket for BMW?

I know for a 93 BMW 325is 2.5L DOHC 6chy. You might as well just go a head and buy the head gasket set it runs about 200$ at autozone. It comes with valve cover gasket, valve stem seals, and head gasket. But its also recommended to replace the cylinder head bolts also.

How do you know if the problem is the thermostat or a blown head gasket?

perform a pressure test on the cylinders. if they don't hold pressure it's a blown head gasket

How do you replace oil pan gasket on 94 ford ranger?

There is not gasket between the engine block and the oil pan. A sealant was used to join the two. If you are leaking oil from the pan you might try checking the bolts and making sure they are snug. If they are snug and it still leaks get tube of gasket maker to reseal it. Be sure to get all the old sealant off the pan and the block before you reapply. If the pan is leaking, you MUST remove the pan and install a gasket. Usually cork. I know of no mechanic that has had luck just using the sealant that a manufacturer uses. That is why Oil Pan gaskets are available for just about any car out there.

How do you know if engine overheating has warped or cracked the heads or blown gasket?

You will have to remove the head, inspect the gasket for breaks, check the head for flatness, and have a machine shop test the head.You will have to remove the head, inspect the gasket for breaks, check the head for flatness, and have a machine shop test the head.

How do you know if you've blown a head gasket on a 1989 Nissan Stanza?

my head gasket was blown and it had water in the oil which made the oil look a milky color

When replacing valves do you need to replace head gasket?

If you remove the head then of course you replace the head gasket.Where can you get sodium silicate to fix a blown head gasket?Know that adding sodium silicate to an engine is only a temporary fix for a blown head gasket and will not permantly fix the problem. The only permanent fix is to replace the head gasket. I would never add any head gasket fix material to any engine.

What does it mean when your car oil is milky and the head gaskets are not bad?

How do you know the gasket is not bad? f you oil is milky then there is moisture mixed with the oil. This can be a blown head gasket or a warped or cracked head.

What does the head gasket look like on a 95 Toyota 4 runner?

The head gasket is sandwiched between the head and the engine block. Just go purchase one and you will know what is looks like.

How do you know if you have a warped head after it blew a head gasket?

The head will need to be inspected at a machine shop. They can tell you if it is warped or cracked.

How do I stop a thormostat Coolant Leak in a Ford Focus?

I don't know where the thermostat is physically located on a Focus specifically, but if it is underneath the water neck on top of the intake manifold it may be a poor sealant & gasket used when the water neck was mounted/installed. Perhaps you may want to refer to a Chilton's guide for the Ford Focus to replace the thermostat gasket and sealant?

How do you know if you have a blown head gasket?

Usually when a head gasket blows, there will be a lot of steam coming from the engine. you may also see blueish smoke or cloudy looking oil.

How do you know if head gasket is blown on air cooled?

Do a compression test.

How tight do the head-gasket bolts need to be for a Chevy c1500?

how tight should we tight the head gasket bolt for a ford f150 Need to know the engine size.

There is a Crack in the head gasket and oil is being forced up how can you fix it?

Unfortunately you probably need to replace the head gasket...not an easy task unless you know what your doing and have the right tools

How do you know if you have a blown head gasket or blown head?

ckeck the oil dipstick if the oil has a color like chocolate milk the oil has water/colant in it which means the head gasket is blown and its leakin water into the engine block

How do you know when its time to replace the head gasket on a 1997 cav Z24 how much does this repair run?

If the vehicle does not have any bad head gasket symptoms like fluid loss or cooling system pressure build up or white smoke out the tailpipe then the head gasket does not ever need to be replaced.

When do use steel seal?

If you have a blown head gasket. you pour it in the radiator and it's suppose to fix your blown head gasket. I've never used it so i don't know if it actually works