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Ivory used to be a very hot commodity, but has been made illegal due to the excessive poaching of elephants. To tell if an ivory carving is real, check for holes and pores, this is indicative of bone. Furthermore, wet a tiny area of the carving. If the color comes off, it is fake.

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Q: How do you know if the ivory carving you have is authentic?
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What is carving on ivory called?


What is the word for the art of carving designs into ivory?


What was carving in wood bone or tusk called?

Sculpting in general. Carving bone and ivory is call scrimshaw.

What is the best soap to carve in?

ivory is the best soap for soap carving.

How much is your ivory carving worth?

Ivory is worth a lot and is illegal to trade. Ivory is obtained by the killing of elephants for their tusks or rhinos for their horns. DONT BUY IVORY NO MATTER WHAT THE VALUE!

What are Japanese ivory carving pieces called?

The small ones are called 'Netsuke'.

For what goods were the Phoenicians known for?

they trade silver work ivory carving and slaves

Why is ivory good for soap carving?

Its got some kind of moisturizer in it that keeps it from flaking.

For what trade goods were the Phoenicians known?

they trade silver work ivory carving and slaves

What has the author H D Green written?

H. D. Green has written: 'Patterns and instructions for carving authentic birds' -- subject(s): Birds in art, Technique, Wood-carving

What is the easiest way to carve Ivory?

The easiest way to carve ivory is with a moto-tool fitted with a carving bit, but hand tools that are used for hard wood (such as whittling knives, chisels, saws, drills, scrapers) can also be used. What tools will be best to use will depend on: the type of carving (sculpture in the round, relief, scrimshaw) the hardness of your ivory, the finish you want to achieve (smooth, hand hewn), the purpose of the carving (artistic, decorative, religious, functional).

What is Crimshaw?

I believe your asking; what is "SCRIMSHAW", Its the art of carving Whale teeth, Bone Ivory, and Sea shells. If not its a fun fact.

What is an ivory horn?

An ivory horn is an african instrument that is made out of ivory. (Thats all I know.)

What is the landmarks in the ivory coast?

I don't know all but I do know that the most famous landmark in Ivory Coast is National park of Ivory Coast.

What is the oldest human artifact?

Just announced today is an ivory carving dating back 35,000 years (Estimated) - found in Germany.

Is ivory valuable?

Yes, ivory is valuable. Its value is attributed to its color and carving capabilities. Now that poaching is being severely punished, its value has skyrocketed. Its value has also risen due to the declining elephant population.

What is the value of an ivory carving bought in the late 1970's?

Impossible to answer without pictures and a detailed description. Couldb 10-10000 USD

What do people make with ivory?

People using Ivory For thousands of Years in Ivory As raw material for many things - it's just had been found a Mammoth Ivory flute before 35,000 years ago. Ivory is a strong material & as well it's very good material to carved on. With the evolution Ivory become one of the most popular material to carve on as well as very expansive. Artist carved on ivory all over the world including Europe, Asia & Africa of-course. Ivory was always prestige & expansive material so people start to kill elephants only to acheive their Ivory Tusks. Therefore in 1974 with world wide treaty - It's illegal to kill elephants for their tusk & all the trade in Elephants Ivory Tusk was forbidden. The act was created in order to protect the Elephant population that start decreasing dramaticly because of the high demand for Ivory tusk - espcially in the east. Today it's illegal to trade in elephant Ivory what so ever unless it is older than 40. As well Mammoth ivory is Legal ivory & today a lot of people that likes Ivory Carving - buying Mammoth Ivory carving & Mammoth ivory netsukes & that way they still can buy legal ivory that they like to collect but they don't encouraging any elephants pouching. If you like to see some beautiful legal Mammoth ivory Carving you can visit this collection at: as well you can see Mammoth Ivory Netsukes(1-2 inch Ivory sculptures that was very popular in japan at the 17th century & today they are highly collectible items) at

What animals have ivory penis bone?

There IS no ivory penis. Ivory is a material that the tusks of elephants and walruses that is valuable on the black market (not that i would know).

Do raccoons have ivory?

Yes. In fact they do! They have ivory in the penis bone! It sounds kinda gross but now you know!!

What is a carving knife used for?

A carving knife is used for carving

What are different types of carving?

wood carving ,pumpkin carving

Why is 925 stamped in my silver chain?

This is to let you know that the silver you purchased is indeed authentic. Such markings for gold as 14KT or 18KT will let you know it is authentic gold.

What are some inventions that the Phoenicians made?

1) The Alphabet 2) Glass Blowing 3) ivory carving 4)traveling at night by the north pole 5)silver work

How do you know if it is an authentic coach bag?

it will have a tag on the inside of the bag.