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lol u keep needing to talk to the person and u cant stop thinking about them ANSWER I don't agree. I don't talk to my ex who I dumped but he consumes my thoughts.

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Where can you go if you know someone addicted to steroids?

to a clinic or to a rehab facility

How many people are addicted to magic mushrooms?

None are addicted to Magic Mushrooms the way someone is addicted to Opium. A small number are addicted to Magic Mushrooms the way someone is 'addicted' to using a cell phone. The use it compulsively and it interferes with their life.

Can someone get addicted to WikiTree?

Yes, it is very possible to get addicted to WikiTree. It is possibly to get addicted to anything if you enjoy it enough.

Who is a person addicted to alcohol?

Someone who is addicted to drinking alcohol is called an alcoholic

What is a gameaholic?

A gameaholic is someone who is addicted to games. Much like how an alcoholic is addicted to alcohol.

How do you know when you're addicted to something?

To find out if your addicted to something when you want to do it try not to and if you end up doing it your addicted.

Where could one find information on alcoholism addiction treatment?

Addiction Care Options offers both a lot of information, as well as a bunch of useful tools for people who know someone or who are facing addiction problems. This may be a good option for someone addicted or concerned for someone addicted to alcohol.

When is someone addicted to durgs?

A person is addicted to a drug if, in the absence of that drug, they experience withdrawal symptoms.

How do you know your addicted?

when you can not stop.

Can someone be addicted to blood?

Yes someone can be. But if it was not your own you could DIE.

What do you call someone who is addicted to napping?


What is Nymphomanics?

A Nymphomaniac is someone who is addicted to sex.

What do you call someone who is addicted to air?


How do you tell is someone is addicted to xanax?

ask them

What is the term for someone who is addicted to milk?


How can you tell if someone is addicted to cigarettes?

You can tell they're addicted if they cannot quit. If they can quit, then they were never that addicted. Alternatively, if they can't go a few hours without a cigarette, they're addicted.

what test should we get to know if someone is still addicted to oxycotton and vicadyn?

You should use a urine test, it will reveal if the drugs are in their system.

What is a holic?

A "holic" of something means that a person would be addicted to something. For example, an alcoholic would be someone who is addicted to alcohol. Shopaholic, addicted to shopping, and so on.

Can you get addicted to cheese?

yes i know i am

What type of drug is meditox?

From what I know it is a detox drug for those addicted to opiates. From what I know it is a detox drug for those addicted to opiates.

What happens when someone is addicted to PCP?

they see hallucinations

What is dance junkees?

It is someone who is addicted to dancing!! :D

What is it called when someone is Addicted to alcoholic drink?

They are an alcoholic.

How do you know if someone is addicted to painkillers?

They can't stop taking them without feeling very bad. Also, they usually keep increasing the dosage.

Was Elvis addicted to cigarettes?

how should we know

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