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Answer"Anorexics don't eat anything."

not exactly! it is a myth that anorexics dont eat anything. of course they do eat, just not enough. (or go through periods of time without eating) if they "overeat"(and when i say overeat its of course a normal amount-or even sometimes less than normal-for the ones without the disorder) they tend to over-exercise or use laxatives or even throw up. believe me when i say if you are anorexic you know(most of the time). even-though you feel fat and worthless you know you are anorexic. (not all the time of course. sometimes you think everything is fine. there is nothing wrong with you. you feel like you can stop whenever you want, but the truth is that you can't because weight loss and "becoming beautiful" has become your obsession) but to sum it up, you would understand you're anorexic when you:

-eat less and less every day

-count calories obsessively

-weigh yourself obsessively (everyday or even more than once a day)

-look into the mirror and are never satisfied with the way you look. You always think you look too fat, but if you were to ask anyone around you, they would say that you are thin...or too thin.

-are eating all alone and are ashamed of eating in public.

-have weird eating habits like cutting your food into tiny bits and pieces, chewing on a small piece for a certain amount of time. OR for a certain amount of chews. (chewing one piece of food 40, 50, 100 times, etc)

-have lost your period for more than two months because of weight loss.

-have more fine hair growing out of your body and the hair on your head is becoming more and more lose wads or chunks of hair and have random, small bald spots.

-like to cook for others, but never eat your own food.

and most importantly when you are lying about your eating habits to everybody else including yourself. because the main thing that anorexics don't want to happen is people finding out, because people will try to sabotage their efforts. they think that everyone else only wants them to eat and be fat...

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Q: How do you know if you are anorexic?
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because people like me ... we hate food its our worst enemy your staving yourself ... to become thinner you cant just become Anorexic you know ... its a decease in the mind. you don't just become it some are born with it! if you want to be anorexic you will be a wanmanorexic anorexic is a mental condition in the brain where as a wannanoriexic isn't it means you want the decease. or to be like one.

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