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You can just feel it. I've never experienced true love, but I've crushed on a girl five times!! Everyone knows love once in their life. You know if it's true, though. All those sappy, silly love songs from the 80s make sense, you think about them all day long and nothing else, and most of all you want to spend every second with them. Personally, I'm in a situation right now myself. I seen some girl, but never met her face to face. My heart is telling me that I truly love her, but my mind says it's a crush. So even I don't know it all. But trust me on this. You know true love.

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Do you seriously want to know who I am?

I love u

Who created the dagger?

dont know and seriously dont care i love you and miss you

How do you know if he is taking my love for granted?

You can know this if he does not take you seriously. Another sign could be if he has other girlfriends.

Does Amy and sonic have children?

wow seriously... NO! but you know how Amy love love loves sonic well sonic sorta like Amy but he doesnt want her to know

What is the duration of Love Can Seriously Damage Your Health?

The duration of Love Can Seriously Damage Your Health is 1.95 hours.

How do you get your lover back?

if you seriously love him and he seriously love you than you will already know, yeah it may be a bit unpredictable, your hearts will draw together it'll be magnetic, just follow your heart it'll lead you there, quotes: churchee

Does selena gomez love Lebanon Seriously?

Yes, from her own admission Selena Gomez does seriously love Lebanon.

When was Love Can Seriously Damage Your Health created?

Love Can Seriously Damage Your Health was created on 1997-01-10.

Internet love - you love him but dont know if he loves you?

Internet love is creepy. How do you know you "love" someone if you have not even met them in person. I'm not saying you don't love him, but if you guys love each other, why don't you go on a date? Preferably in a well crowded area or with your parents...seriously.

Is Atem seriously in love with Anzu?


How do you make a love poshon?

Become a wizard. Then drink it. Seriously that is a stupid question. Everyone know the only way is to marry Selena Gomez and get her to make you a love potion.

Does Mike He in love with Rainie Yang?

nope....hez in love wit me...seriously!!!

Why don't women take men seriously when we tell them we love them I mean what does a guy have to do?

Actions speak louder than words dont you know

What does to love tenderly mean?

To love tenderly is to really, really love someone. Like more then wanting to make out and just be together. It's were you are thinking about getting married and doing you-know-what. It means you are seriously attracted to someone.

How did Romeo feel about love?

Romeo takes love extremly seriously and he is willing to die for true love.

What does it mean when your monocytes are in the 1009 range?


What is the meaning of enjoi logo?

to seriously love something

Who is gandalf's love interest in Lord of the Rings?

Seriously?!?!? Gandalf has no love intrest at all.

How do you pop hip?

i seriously do not know

How do you know if your spouse is in love with you?

ANSWER:Wow! well I thought I did, until he cheated on me, that is why he became my ex. Seriously you will know if your husband do loves you. Through his action, the way he look at you, the way he talk and the way he touch you..

How does Mercutio's attitude toward love contrast with Romeo's?

Romeo takes love seriously; Mercutio does not.

Is Amy Adams ticklish?

I seriously hope so! Love her!!

What functions can a stem cell perform?

i seriously do not know..thats what im trying to find out seriously!!

If you are 13 and the girl you are seriously in love with is 15 and you can not stop thinking about her how do you ask her out and tell her you love her?

Just ask her out and if she says no dont feel bad...go and find someone else because she doesnt know what she is missing....

How does an airplanes engine get started?

i dont know i seriously dont know

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