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The collectible value depends on how many were struck, where it was struck, the grade (condition) of the coin, supply and demand.

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How do you know if you have a s Morgan silver dollar?

For all Morgan dollars the mintmarks are on the reverse, just above the DO in DOLLAR.

How do you know that an Morgan silver dollar is real?

Check the weight. A genuine Morgan silver dollar weighs 26.73 grams. A fake might have the correct dimensions, but the wrong metal will have the wrong weight.

How much is an 1888cc Morgan silver dollar worth?

Didn't know there was one of that date

What is the value of a 1911 US Silver Dollar?

I don't know whether you are trying to trick me but the US did not mint any Silver Dollars in 1911. The Morgan Dollar was not minted from 1905 through 1920.

How do you know if you have a Morgan silver dollar worth money?

They're all worth something due to their silver content, but anything beyond that varies by year and condition.

How do you know if you have a replica Morgan silver dollar?

If you think it's an older replica made before 1973 and does not have "copy" on it, take it to a coin dealer.

How do you know if a Morgan silver dollar is uncirculated?

And uncirculated coin will not have any wear at all. The best thing to do is get a copy of the ANA Grading Standards.

What is an S mint Morgan dollar?

It's a silver dollar made at the San Francisco Mint during the Morgan series, issued 1878-1904 and in 1921, and named for their designer G. T. Morgan. To know its value please post a brand-new question with the coin's date, or enter the question "What is the value of a [date] US silver dollar?" in the box at the top of the page. [date] is of course your coin's specific year.

How much money is a 1872 silver dollar coin?

do you know how much money a silver 1872 dollar coin is and a 1922 silver dollar coin

How do you know if it is a Morgan?

A Morgan dollar would be dated 1878-1904 or dated 1921. If you've got a silver dollar dated 1878-1904 that does not say "Trade Dollar" on the reverse, you for sure have a Morgan dollar. In practice though trade dollars are infrequently found that date from the era of the Morgan Dollar. The only other possible overlap you have is 1921. The 1921 Morgan dollar is quite common and generally sells for bullion value even in the lowest grade. On the other hand the 1921 Peace Dollar is scarce and commands a large premium over melt value, even in lower grades. The easiest way to tell if you've got a 1921 Morgan vs. a 1921 Peace dollar is to look at the reverse of the coin. If the eagle has its wings outstretched, you've got a Morgan dollar. If the eagle is perched on a rock, you've got a Peace Dollar.

How do you know if you have a Morgan silver dollar?

A Morgan silver dollar is a large dollar coin, on the front there should be a depiction of Lady Liberty's face wearing a small crown saying "LIBERTY" on it the reverse features an eagle with olive branches and arrows and a wreath at the bottom. They were dated 1878 to 1904 and also made in 1921. The only other coin that could be easily confused with a Morgan dollar is a Peace Dollar of which some were also minted in 1921, they have the same size, but the liberty on a Peace dollar looks like there are rays coming out of her head and the reverse of a Peace dollar has an eagle perched on a rock engraved PEACE.

How do you know if a 1901 us Morgan silver dollar is ms 66 grade?

To get that specific of a grade, the coin would need to be examined and rated by a professional grading service.

How much is a silver dollar garland lady liberty 1882 mint condition worth?

There is no such coin as a "garland lady liberty" dollar, but from the date 1882 I know it's a MORGAN dollar and if it is a Mint State coin, value may be as high as $40.00.

Is there an 1892 Morgan silver dollar minted in San Francisco without the words ONE DOLLAR?

All Morgan dollars have the same reverse design, with only a few very minor variations. None were minted without the words ONE DOLLAR. It's possible you have a copy, replica, or counterfeit but it would have to be examined in person to know for sure.

How much is 1 dollar coin from 1921 worth?

Two kinds of silver dollars were made in 1921, a Morgan dollar & Peace dollar. The easy way to tell the difference is on the back of the Peace dollar is the word peace under the eagle so ask a new question when you know what one you have.

How do you know if a 1900 1 dollar coins was made in California?

The date 1900 makes it a Morgan silver dollar. The mint mark is located on the reverse (tails) side, just above the letters "do" in the word "dollar." If you find the letter S, then it was minted in San Francisco.

How do you know if a Morgan silver dollar is in circulated condition?

Circulated condition means un-handled, with no wear and no scratches. If it has not been kept in a secure holder since it was new, it is probably circulated.

What is the value of 1.00 coin from 1921?

There are 2 One Dollar silver coins dated 1921 a Morgan Dollar that is very common and a Peace Dollar that is not so common. We need to know which on you have. A good way to tell the two apart is one the back of the Peace Dollar under the eagle is the word Peace.

Where is mint mark on 1921 s Morgan dollar coin?

If you know it's a 1921 "S" Morgan you found the mint mark

What currency does John F. Kennedy have?

His currency was the half dollar or know as the silver dollar.

What is the value of a 1776 Silver Eagle Dollar?

Don't know what you have, but it's not a U.S. Mint dollar.

Value of 1878 Las Vegas Silver Dollar cm mark under lady's head?

i don't know i have one myself has a showgirl on one side and a Morgan silver dollar on the other side if you have found any info please contact me at 423-884-6262 my name is elizabeth lytle thank you

Bicentenial silver dollar?

i dont know what you question is about the silver dollar but i am asuming you would like to know a little about it. The bicentenial silver dollar was circulated in the year 1976 as an anniversary. It's value can range on the grade of the coin, however in good condition is worth about 5.00-7.00. In (ok) condition is worth about (1.50-4.00). I hope that will let you know a little bit more about the 1976 Bicentenial Silver Dollar.

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