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The answer is probably stamped on the barrel. Does it say .22 Hornet? Most likely it says .22 LR or .22 Long Rifle.

Two other things:

The Hornet is a center-fire cartidge, "regular" .22's, be they shorts, longs or long rifle, are rimfire, having the priming mixture in the rim of the cartridge case. Look at the firing pin and see where it is located compared to the case head. On the edge?(rimfire) or centered?(Hornet) The chamber for the .22 Hornet is larger in diameter than the .22 rimfire, as the Hornet is a bottle-necked case. A .22 rimfire case will fall down inside the chamber of a Hornet and be loose. IF YOU PUT A RIMFIRE CARTRIDGE IN AND IT FALLS DOWN IN THE CHAMBER BE SURE IT IS OUT BEFORE YOU PUT ANOTHER CARTRIDGE IN OR YOU WILL HAVE AN EXPLOSION AND PERSONAL INJURY!!!

My apologies. I believe the 22 Hornet is a straight or tapered case. I was confusing it with the 25:20, which is bottle-necked.

The 22 Hornet is a "bottle neck" case, the rimfire has a straight case and will fill the chamber of the Hornet.

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Q: How do you know if you have a Stevens 22 Hornet or Long Rifle?
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Need to know year Stevens model 87 a 22 long rifle was made?

Started in 1938. They sold millions. Models A-D i believe.

Where can I find parts for J Stevens 22 Long Rifle?

Depending on the model number and which part (you will need to know that) try Otherwise, visit a gunsmith.

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What is the value of a Stevens 22 long rifle patented April 30 1907?

Should be one of the many different models of Boy's Rifle made by Stevens. Would need to know a lot more specifics, exact markings other than the patent date, and above all else condition.

What is the age of your model 85 Springfield J Stevens arms 22 rifle?

No way to know without a sn. If no sn, no way to know.

Stevens Arms 22 rifle model 1915 --you were wanting to know what it is worth?

The Stevens Favorite 1915 typically sells between $100 and $300 depending on condition.

J Stevens Arms Co 22 long rifle gun single shot with a 21 inch octagon barrel What year was it made and is it a crackshot you need to know so you can get a forearm and stock for it?

From your description,I would say that you have a Model 72 Crackshot rifle that was made from 1972-1989.

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Where can you find information about a 38-55 J Stevens single shot rifle?

Need to know exactly which model it is.

How do you shoot a Stevens 22 rifle single shot 15-a?

if you dont know that then you should not own it.... the barrel should break over and you load it there

What is a Utica marksman germany 347 the only marks on the gun and is a 22 long rifle?

I want to know what the Utica marksman is also. I do know it is not long rifle. Will shoot shorts and longs.

Looking for a clip for old bolt action 22 rifle?

We need to know model of rifle. the model of rifle is 93M 22 WMR its a 22 long rifle

How do you know what year a Stevens long rifle model 87a was made?

1938-45. If you really need an exact year, you might contact the Stevens historian, Mr John Callahan, 53 Old Quarry Road, Westfield, MA 01085. Send him all the markings and your daytime phone number. His charge is $15 to research a gun.

What is the age and value of a J Stevens Co 22 long Rifle C-809?

vaule is prbly around 100 and age is about 40-50 yo. do u know where u can get parts for it? i have one with the serial number of c-724.

Tell you about the whippet 22 single shot rifle made by j Stevens you have one and would like to know history and worth?

Numerous books have been written.

What is the age and value of a 22 S L LR Stevens Savage Arms Model 86C bolt action?

I want to know the age of this rifle, when it was made? from what year to what year ? or do you know? Is stevans stil in busines?

Where can you find out how much a 53A 22 short long or long rifle is worth?

Nowhere until you know who made it.

What year was your Winchester long rifle ser.?

I don,t know I,m asking you

What is the age and value of a Stevens Model 75 22 cal rifle with a serial 115787?

I am told by my local gunsmith, they were made from 1930-33. His guess on the value is apx. 270-285 depending on condition. i don't know the exact age of my Stevens model 75, but i do kno te my grandfather who is 83 was given the rifle when he was 8 years old by his granfather and was well used when my grandfather received the rifle. if that helps. they also made a model 75a.

Stevens model 325 dbl barrel side by side any idea on age?

The Stevens 325 sxs shotgun was made from 1904 to 1908. Not many people know about this shotgun and it is often confused with the later made model 325 bolt action rifle.

How long has Dairy Queen been at frontier village in lake Stevens?

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How much is a model 29 long rifle worth?

Need to know who made it in order to help.

How much is a J Stevens arms and Co gun pat April 22 1913 US 22 long rifle crack shot 26?

any crack shot riffel is worth bout 400 and up i was offerd 700 for mine.

What is the age of Brazilian made Garcia corp Amadeo Rossi S A pump action short-long or long rifle 22 cal rifle G38470?

No published sn data that I know of

How do you find out when a Stevens Model 34 Bolt Action was made and what its value is?

I'm sorry I don't have the answer... especially since I also own the same gun. It's been in my family since the mid 60's and I believe when my father bought this rifle it was new in the box. I still have it today.. and it seems to shoot pretty well. I would love to know a little more about it but I don't expect that it's worth much to anyone other than me.Are these rifles or shotguns? The only Stevens Model 34 in the Standard Catalog is a tip-up pocket rifle, not a bolt action. You can tell the approximate age of a Stevens by the way the name is marked. J. Stevens and Company = 1864-1886. J. Stevens Arms and Tool Co = 1886-1916. J. Stevens Arms Co = 1920-late 1940's. Stevens (sometimes Stevens Savage) = 1940's-1991 and after 1998. No Stevens firearms were manufactured 1917-1919 or 1992-1998.I just purchased one from a rather large store/dealer and paid $55 (June 2006). It is a rifle, the barrel reads STEVENS Savage Arms Westfield Mass USA .22 short, long or long rifle MODEL 34. I didn't buy it as a collectible, just like the gun and the price. It's a bolt action with a magazine, no serial number. Would love to find a schematic!ANSWERI have a Savage Arms Stevens Model 34M 22 Mag. bolt action with no serial number. My dad bout it brand new in the mid to late 60's probably mail order from sears