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The answer is probably stamped on the barrel. Does it say .22 Hornet? Most likely it says .22 LR or .22 Long Rifle.

Two other things:

The Hornet is a center-fire cartidge, "regular" .22's, be they shorts, longs or long rifle, are rimfire, having the priming mixture in the rim of the cartridge case. Look at the firing pin and see where it is located compared to the case head. On the edge?(rimfire) or centered?(Hornet) The chamber for the .22 Hornet is larger in diameter than the .22 rimfire, as the Hornet is a bottle-necked case. A .22 rimfire case will fall down inside the chamber of a Hornet and be loose. IF YOU PUT A RIMFIRE CARTRIDGE IN AND IT FALLS DOWN IN THE CHAMBER BE SURE IT IS OUT BEFORE YOU PUT ANOTHER CARTRIDGE IN OR YOU WILL HAVE AN EXPLOSION AND PERSONAL INJURY!!!

My apologies. I believe the 22 Hornet is a straight or tapered case. I was confusing it with the 25:20, which is bottle-necked.

The 22 Hornet is a "bottle neck" case, the rimfire has a straight case and will fill the chamber of the Hornet.

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Q: How do you know if you have a Stevens 22 Hornet or Long Rifle?
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