How do you know if you have diabeties?


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I think if you lose a lot of weight and drink a lot of water........

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no he was not 13 when he got diabeties as you know he turned 16 on September 16th and he got diabeties 1 year ago when he was 15 he told ME!!!!!!!!

Do anybody know where diabeties was discovered and by whom? I need the answer before midnight July 13 Thanks

You can get diabeties at any age.

Nick JOnas was diagnosed with diabeties in 2005

ummm yea they were finished a tour when he got it

Nick Jonas has had Diabeties for 4 years.

An ancient greek doctor, Areteus of Cappadocia, is credited with giving diabeties.

diabeties restricts waxing treatments because as the wax strip is pulled off if you start to bleed when you dont have diabeties then you are fine but if you do have diabeties and the skin starts to bleed it will take longer to stop bleeding because diabetic skin takes longer to heal than people without diabeties

No, a very close friend of mine has diabeties and did not have a yeast infection.

23,000 under 18s have diabetes in England But people get diabeties every day...

Diabeties Type1 iis were u have to take inslunt n pills to control your blood sugar.

yes u can buy a DVD of his life style and hell tell u that e got diabeties

Because you have diabeties

They say that some signs of having diabeties are drinking alot of water, using the bathroom often, having a really bad attitude, and loosing alot of weight. also if you are really hungrey that mean that u might have diabeties

type 1 diabeties is caused from not enough insulin in the pancreas type 2 diabeties is caused by the body not being able to use the insulin to get glucose into the cells. Type 2 is more common if you are overweight, middle aged, and out of shape.

No, sharks don't get diabeties.

yes,nick Jonas has diabeties

You get diabeties, which makes you fat.

It might be bacause you have diabeties.

Cooking for diabeties can be hard. Many cookbooks are available specifically for people with diabeties and websites containing recipies such as:

Yes diabeties can and most likely will kill you if you dont have proper treatment severe diabetics cant even last a week without there insulin or they would die.

well the definitions is diabeties that you can not control

"sadabahar' flower: white colour

Only if you're a horse

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