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How do you know if your BF is the one?

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By waiting another twenty years.

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Selena Gomez has a boyfriend?

yes she does has a bf his name is un know but she has a bf

How do you know if somebody is your best friend?

ur bf is the 1 u come 2 in need some one u trust some one u look up 2 .i don't have a bf but have alot and i mean alot of freinds but they can't replace a bf

What does BF mean?

a one who is our soul................................................................... BOYFRIEND

What should you do when this girl says she likes you a lot but she still loves her boyfriend?

how do you know she still loves her bf? is this an ex bf? or present bf?

Is Miley Cyrus brecking up with her bf?

I dont know if she broke up with her bf yet.

How do you know if a girl likes you when she is going out with someone?

she will spend more time with you then she does with her bf..but then again, she could take you as a super good friend..there's only one way to know:when she tells you that she broke up with her bf because she likes you

If you have just started going out with this guy and you want to know when to ask him if he wants to be your bf?

urm if you go out with him, he is your bf.

How do you stop someone stealing your BF?

A bf is not a thing, no one can steal him unless he wants it

How do you know if your long distance bf has plan of marrying you?

You don't. There is no way to know but to ask.

Where can one buy BF Goodrich truck tires?

One can buy BF Goodrich truck tires online from the official BF Goodrich site. Some other websites that also sell BF Goodrich truck tires include Tire Rack and Amazon.

Who is Nathan lanes girlfriend?

he is gay. dont know if he has a bf.

How do you know if your bf still loves you after not seeing him for a while?

You ask him.

Who is miley bf?

no one, because she is a _ _ _ _ _... I hate her

Who is Moises arias bf?

he doesn't have one

If you are 17 and a virgin At a party your bf dumped you Then feeling so bad you sleep with someone you don't know Back at school no one knows your best friend ask you out do you go?

If i know him long enough, that he will understand me and will not reapeat wht my bf did. Then yes but be wise. because it is different when you are friends and when your are in relation.

What are the flute notes for Darth Vader's theme song?

well i know that the beginning goes like this. (all capitalized notes are played high) ddd bf d bf d AAA Bf d bf d Thats all that i can remeber, hope this helps.

What to say to your bf?

Just do not flatter them.You know you are not telling the truth.

What is mono boron fluoride?

BF. There is one Boron and one Flouride.

How do you know your bf likes you?

just ask. dont beat around the bush.

Why does Harry Styles have 4 nipples?

he does not i should know because he was once my bf

do you think my bf is talking to other girls?

if he is a real one he'll never ever betray you

How do you know if you like a girl more than your own girlfriend?

i don't know but the best way is make her your girlfriend and get another bf for the other girlfriend or tell yourself it and remember the girl u love i know u like both but if u want to know u should take it as a promise u get me my name is Lily i will see your works but u are an assume bf to have around but think about doing a plan take one girl to a date and the next day the other one.

How do you breakup with an internet bf?

well since hes a internet bf all you got to do is say well um i dont know how to say this but i dont wanna go out with you no more

How do you get your bf smarter?

Get a new "bf"

Who is the sole agent for Bf Goodrich tires in Bahrain?

No one.