USB Flash Drives

How do you know if your Dell computer has flash drive capabilities?

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2007-05-21 23:25:12

Flash drive capabilities depends on two things. 1. USB Interface

2. Opperating System -1- USB (Universal Serial Bus) It's basically

a serial bus standard to interface devices. The basis is to allow

devices to connect directly to the computer while its powered on

and appear to be semi seamless. Plugging in a device while a

computer is on is called Hot Swapping. Every single computer

created in the past 7-8 years will have USB connections on them, so

unless you are running a P1 or a 386 you should have no problem

with this part. Identifying a USB port is very easy too, its a slim

opening on the machine itself, and easily identified. That image is a pretty

decent representation of what a USB port on the computer looks

like. -2- Operating System If you are using Windows XP or newer,

you will have no problems plugging in a flash drive. If you are

using Windows 2000 or Windows 98 you -may- need special drivers to

get it to work properly. A flash drive purchased from the store

should give you everything you need.

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