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The best way to know is to ask him and open up that discussion. If he denies it it, ask yourself if he could be having an affair with anyone. Honesty is the best policy. If you have questions then just ask him. You may get a feel for his honesty based on the way he reacts. Don't go into the discussion having already made up your mind. Give him a chance to address your concerns.

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The only way to know is to ask him.

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Q: How do you know if your boyfriend is gay?
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How do you know if your boyfriend gay?

Ask him right out

How do you know if your boyfriend is not gay?

Well if youre a girl and hes dating you, hes obviously not gay.

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Is my boyfriend gay?

He kissed a mural friend of ours who is gay on the cheek, I know it is only on the cheek but I feel like a straight man wouldn't kiss a gay man on the cheek, wouldn't that be giving him the wrong idea? My boyfriend says he's not gay and that it was just to be funny. My gay friend is now coming to me telling me my boyfriend might be gay. I don't know what to think.

How do you know when your boyfriend is gay?

When you catch him having sexual relations with another guy!

Is Dan Kloeffler gay?

I do not know for sure. I have heard he at one time had a boyfriend.

Are the creators of glee gay?

all i know is that Ryan Murphy is gay as he is getting married to his long term boyfriend xx

How do you know if your boyfriend is gay with his best friend?

i think you should talk to him and ask him but i dont think he'll be going out with you if hes gay .. ?!

What do you do if you figure out your boyfriend is gay?

The only thing you can do. If you boyfriend is gay you have to respect that and let him go.

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Carmen's gay boyfriend name is Noah

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If his wee wee tastes like poo poo.

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He dosent want his friends to know that you exist

If you're a girl and you have a boyfriend but he has a boyfriend what do you do?

Well, if you are a girl whose boyfriend, who also has a boyfriend, you ask him is he is bisexual or gay. Whatever his answer, only you will know if you want to continue as his girlfriend, his friend, or if you want to move on.

Is Cat Osterman gay?

No, She is not gay and has a boyfriend....

How do you know if my boyfriend's gay friend wants to ruin our relationship?

If you see your boyfriend's gay freind looking at you in a jealous way or talks all sexy and stuff with your boyfriend in front of you or if you have a date with your boyfriend and he tries to do any trap like when your opining a door and piant falls on you, he's trying to destroy your relationship between you and your boyfriend.

How can you find a gay boyfriend?

Although most straight men claim to be anti gay, the truth is more men than will admit have had or are having gay sex. The chances of finding a gay boyfriend is very high. Any gay bar, and in some cases a straight bar will lead you to a potential boyfriend. Gay chat rooms. A boyfriend is out there.

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How do you deal with my boyfriend being gay?

He probably wouldn't be your boyfriend if he were gay. If he is, then you can only wish him luck with other gay guys :)

How can a gay boy get Justin bieber to be his boyfriend?

The gay boy can say, "Hey, Justin, Be my boyfriend!" And he will accept.

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She does not have a boyfriend she is gay and has a girlfriend.

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yes my friend shamar is gay he has a boyfriend named Alex he did not want to tell me that he is gay but I fond him kissing MY BROTHER ALEX LAST FIRDAY I knew my brother was gay too but I did not want him to know that i was spying on him

How can you find out if your boyfriend is gay?

You tell him that he is stupid!... and gay!

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yeah, i met him and his boyfriend at a bar a couple months back! very lovely.

What to do when your gay boyfriend left you for a girl?

When a man is gay it means he is attracted to individuals of the same gender. If your gay boyfriend left you for a girl, it means it probably was not gay to begin with or he is confused about his sexuality.

Does harry style have a boyfriend?

Harry Style does have a boyfriend (he is gay)