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How do you know if your cat is happy?

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Purring (means content.) Even sleeping curled up is a sign or laying sprawled out across the back of the couch looking out the window. Cats are generally very laid back and content. They play, eat well (grazing) and drink water. If your cat is ill they will either cling to their owner or go off into another room to have peace and quiet. Older cats that become ill can have a scraggly coat of fur. If in doubt see your vet.

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How do you know when a cat is happy?

A cat is happy when He/She pus's, during play, snuggling, or is sleeping

How do you know that a cat is happy?

it purrs

How do you know when your cat is happy?

Usually when a cat is happy it will have it's tail lifted in the air when it walks. It also purrs.

What does a cat do when it is happy?

When a cat is happy, it usually purrs or sways its tail.

What sound does a cat make when happy?

A happy or contented cat will purr.

How do you know a cat is loved?

it will be purring alot,that meens its will prob have its tail in the are and be playfull

How can you tell if a cat is happy?

Cats will purr and lick you when they are happy. my cat does that and he drools.

How can you tell when a cat is happy?

Well, you really have to make it happy. Cats cannot be happy themselves. they need attention, A LOT. To know they are happy, they purr and start rubbing everywhere and going in your path.

Is there another reason why a cat purs Other then that she or he is happy?

a cat will purr when in pain as well as when happy

Why does your cat not purr?

your cat does not purr because it is not happy

Why don't some cats hiss?

Because they don't feel offended or scared. Cats hiss because they feel danger. If your cat or somebodies cat you know isn't hissing. That simply says that they are happy. Happy to help!!!

What makes a cat purr?

Petting the cat. They our because they are happy just the way we smile or laugh when we are happy.

What does it means when a cat pures?

It is accepted that a Happy cat purrs like a happy dog wags his tail.

How do you spell this is a happy cat in French?

a happy cat = un chat heureux un chat joyeux

Is a dog a happy cat?

A dog is a canine while a cat is a feline so in that sense no. If as in a happy cat you are using it as a slang term such as is a dog happy, then it would depend on the dog and it's environment.

How can you tell when a cat is happy or sad?

Usually your cat will purr.

What actors and actresses appeared in Cat Happy - 1950?

The cast of Cat Happy - 1950 includes: Tom Morrison as Little Roquefort - Percy the Cat

What are the release dates for Cat Happy - 1950?

Cat Happy - 1950 was released on: USA: 18 August 1950

How does the anime black cat end?

black cat end happy

What cartoon cat sings Happy happy joy joy?


Can cats be happy while they are hissing at a person or animal?

It depends, Can you be happy whilst you're yelling at somebody? I know I can't. It's complicated; A cat can still like you if it's hissing at your brother or sister. I'm not a cat psychologist, I'm just trying to help from experience of having a cat myself.. :)

What does it mean when a cat blinks at you?

Cat is "smiling" at you when it blinks so I have heard. Cat is also happy.

Why does your cat blink its eyes at you?

Your cat will blink at you because s/he is trying to let you know that s/he loves you. When your cat blinks at you it might happen when s/he walks into the room and looks at you. A blinking cat is a happy cat. You should keep an eye out for it. Once you are on the look-out it is quite noticeable.

What does it signify when a cat s tail is up?

When cats tails are up that means they're happy. I know because I have one.

What happens to a cat when a fan hits it?

it's not a happy ending it's not a happy ending the cat gets thrown against a wall