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How do you know if your girl really loves you?

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First, she call you often, you will just know from the way she behaves to you. her attitude towards you changes completely, or in anycase like myself, she wouldn't talk to other boys to piss you off or anything.

2011-09-13 05:03:36
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Q: How do you know if your girl really loves you?
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How do you know if a bisexual girl really loves you?

They look at you and touch you.

How do you know a girl really loves you and not for money?

When a girl really loves you she won't rely on you to pay all the bills and won't ask you for money all week.

How to know a girl loves me or not?

If the girl says "I love you" then she loves you.. If she already said "I love you" then you know that she really does love you if she tries to talk to you daily... (via text, call, email, in person)

How do you know if a girl really love you?

If she think only about me and she gives me signs of that she only loves me.

How do you i know about the girl how loves me?

The grammer you have used makes no sense -- what is it you are trying to ask? Is your question: "How do I know if girl loves me?" Or is it "How do YOU know that a girl loves me?" Or is it "WHAT do you know about the girl who loves me?" There is simply no way to answer your question as stated. If you rephrase it so that it is clear, we can take a better stab at it.

How do you know when a guy loves a girl?

Probably if he is just a true gentleman and he is just really sweet to you. :)

Why would a man that told you he still loves then you find him kissing another girl why would he tell me that?

Maybe he doesn't really know that he loves you.

If he have a girl friend and he say that he loves you how do you know?

Well, it really depends. There aren't many details of what you guys do...

How does an attractive girl find out if the unattractive guy she loves really loves her or just the way she looks?

because when he wakes up he smiles because he know he has you

How do you know when i girl tells you she loves you if its true?

i think you will know by the way she's expressing it an showing it. and like if your sick and she comes to you and look afters you all the time that means she really likes you. and if shes there for you everytime when you need her that means she really loves you..=) the only easy way you'll know that she really loves you is when ever shes with you she blushes ;D

How do you know when a girl really loves you?

you actually dont exactly knowYou would know because if you don't i guess it's not love, it something else.

How can I know that he really loves me?

You can't know.

How do you know if a online boy loves you?

ask him questions than if he has a girl than ask him out ps make sure u really know him

How do you know if he really loves her?

Unfortunately, no one but him could possibly know if he truly loves her.

How can a man know if a woman really loves him?

first confirm that she takes interest in talking to that boy then the girl starts sharing her personal matters with him and it means that she loves that boy...

How do you know that man loves you?

well if he really loves you like he say then youll know he loves you but sometimes depend on their action

Would you love a cute cheerleader girl who is famous?

No one really loves anyone until they get to know them enough to love.

How do you know if a girl from the Philippines loves you?

Ask her.

How do you know a girl who loves you?

your heart can tell.

How do you know if the girl your with is the one?

By asking her if she loves you.

If a girl tells you she loves you but then calls it friendly love does she really mean she loves you?

Girls will say such things all the time. If a Girl says she loves you, unless you know that there is emotion behind what that she said, it either means thanks a lot or it is just a complement. Don't get over excited or worried about it. Now the girl may really "Love" you, but generaly it is nothing. Just a thank you or a complement.

How do you know he really loves me or just jerking?

You will know if people loves you or jerking at by watch them carefully and if you see that someone that you love going with a boy\girl you need to try to have a chance to ask them about that girl, but don't ask him\her too much him\her might think that you are so annoying.

Should you tell a girl that you love her you dont know if she loves you but she always looks at you when you are not looking?

don't be coward. you test her if she really love you!

How can you tell if a girl really loves you not a crush?

You can't. Not even they can.

What if you really love your boyfriend and he loves you to and he cheated?

get rid of him he doesnt really care about you girl!