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How do you know if your overweight?

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You can consult your doctor, or calculate your body mass index (bmi.) Just Google that.

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Am i overweight underweight at risk of being overweight or normal?

Look up your BMI and you will know.

If your 194 pounds at 14 are you overweight?

We would need to know your height to best determine if you are overweight.

You are 123 pounds are you overweight?

Since you didn't tell us how tall you are, there is no way for us to know if you are overweight or not.

How do you know if your pony is overweight?

stand behind them and look at their bum if you think their belly sticks out too much it is overweight

I am 131 pounds and 5'3 am i overweight?

pssshhh, i know this girl, who is my best friend, who is 14 and weighs 503.3 pounds. you are the farthest thing from overweight. pssshhh, i know this girl, who is my best friend, who is 14 and weighs 503.3 pounds. you are the farthest thing from overweight.

How do girls know if they are overweight?

Well there is a chart thing and you can do it yourself its on the internet just type overweight chart and then you match up your weight now and your height and then you will know because of the key

HOW you KNOW if you are overweight or not?

You can calculate your body mass index (BMI). Just google it and it'll tell you if you're underweight, healthy, overweight, or obese.

I am a 26 year old woman that is 5 foot 6 inches and has a 30 inch waist are you overweight?

It is impossible to know whether you are overweight when you have not listed your weight.

Is a thirteen year old girl who is five feet two inches and weighs 132 overweight?

I know someone that size. She had a large bone structure, and was healthy, so she wasn't overweight. But if you have a normal build then you are a little bit overweight.

What was the percentage of overweight or obese American adults in 2005?

shoot, i aint know!?

How do you know if you are under or overweight?

there are certain charts that tell you what your average weight should be.

What is the best way to lose 10 lbs?

Unless you are overweight, do not do it. I know from experience...

Why is Patrick Stump overweight?

There are many resons he could be overweight. He might overeat, have a medical issue, etc. No one can know the reason unless he makes that information public.

What are some diseases for being overweight?

If your overweight it can cause alot of diseases like heart disease and sometime certain types of cancer. I know there are many more though.

Where are there more overweight people than overweight animals?

1) Animals know what's good for them. 2) Animals don't have free-will.See also:Eating healthily

You are 51 foot 1 and Im an eleven year old girl Im 115 pounds Are you overweight?

No way, I know a girl who is 5 feet and 120 pounds and she is not overweight.

How do you know if your dog is overweight?

When a dog has a healthy weight, you can feel his ribs easily. (Not SEE his ribs, FEEL his ribs. If you can see his ribs he's underweight.) If not, of course, he's overweight.

Are who overweight if you are 12 and are 5'1 feet tall and weigh 120?

That's about how much someone I know weighs, and she is slightly overweight, but I think you may be fine if you have a large build (she doesn't).

How can you know if your 8 years old has a growth disorder she is overweight and overheight?

Over height

What are three main causes of being overweight?

i only know 2 which are inactivity and eating alot.

What country has the lowest percentage of overweight people?

I don't know for sure but i think its an African country

How overweight do you have to be to be considered chubby?

just overweight

Is Miley Cyrus Overweight?

she is not bloody overweight no!!!!!!

What kind of candy is overweight?

How can candy be overweight? Eating loads of candy makes you overweight though.

What is the most overweight country in the world?

The most overweight country is Nauru with a overweight percentage of 94.5%