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You have to take a pregnancy test.

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Georgia used to, but I don't know if they do anymore. That's all I know of.

i want to have 15 kids WOW going to be pregnant 15 times.but anyway i don't know.

When she takes a pregnancy test and it is positive

How do u know if you are pregnant

i don't know but i do know 15 in southern Alabama you can get married if the woman is pregnant

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You will know if you are pregnant if you miss your period.

I don't know, but if there is no punishment, there SHOULD BE!!!!!!! My gosh what in person in their right mind would get 15 year old pregnant.

Could u be pregnant and not know

How do you know if you are pregnant with twins?

No. At 15 you are a pregnant minor. Being pregnant does not make you an adult and you are still the responsiblity of your parents.

sit them down and tell them they will be upset but get over it

Yes, the females will know when they are pregnant. Other females will know too if they are housed together. The males will know because the pregnant female will have nothing to do with the males if she is pregnant.

If you are 15 weeks pregnant, you are on your 3rd month and 3 weeks.

It is definitely not too young to GET pregnant. Whether a 15-year-old ought to BE pregnant is another question entirely.

No, you are not emancipated because you got pregnant.

I don't know. Maybe you can take a PREGNANCY TEST.

How do you know you are pregnant in the first place?

You will be able to know after 2 weeks.

about after 15 minutes of non stop mating or as soon as it shows that the girl rabbit is pregnant(this way you may not know what day or near when she is going to give birth)

If the pregnancy test is negative, you're probably not pregnant. Take another or see your doctor.

how do you know if you are pregnant

i think the earliest time to know you are pregnant is about one week.

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