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Answer: The doe will start to become more aggressive and will grunt if you pick it up or touch its belly. Also, you will definitely see swelling in the rabbits stomach. Before the kits are due, the doe will start plucking fur off its belly and back. This means she is making a nest for her kits. DO NOT TOUCH THIS! She will kill her kits if you touch or disturb them.

She may get moody and not want you to pick her up. Her appetite will increase. You can palpate her at about 15 days into her pregnancy. When you give her a nest box at 27 days she will grab straw from it and run around the cage with it in her mouth (softening it ) and then build a tunnel (sort of) in her box. She will pull fur from her dewlap and stomach to line the tunnel with.

Your rabbit will grunt, pluck fur( it's for her nest), be more aggressive, look larger, and will probably eat more.

You will see an obvious swelling in the stomach. If you feel it, you might be able feel lumps--these are the kits.

Also, the doe will become more aggressive toward you and others. She might nip you or growl at you.

And a day or two before the kits are due, she will start plucking fur off of her chest and back. She will use this fur to create a soft nest for new born kits.

Rabbits do not keep you waiting very long. The gestation period is about 31 days. About the time you begin to wonder, the kits appear.

what you should do is feel its lower body to see if you feel a strange mass and if you are to scared to do that take it to the vet to get evaluated

it has a baby

If the female has been with a male in the past week or two she is pregnant. If it has been more then 40 days she is not going to have babies. if she has been taking her hair and put'n her hair in a pile she should be pregnant.

You can tell when a rabbit is pregnant anywhere from 10 - 14 days after mating. If you feel toward the back of her stomach, and gently press her belly, you should be able to feel little round balls, about the size of a ripe grape. Once your doe gets further into her pregnancy, it may be harder to feel the embryos, because they will be less firm. Does will usually take to a breeding, so long as they are not too fat, which can kill the doe, give her pregnancy toxemia, or give hard labor and birth.
It's Fatter Than Normal.

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Q: How do you know if your rabbit is pregnant?
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What does rabbits do when they are pregnant?

how do you know if a rabbit is pregnant About 5 days before a rabbit is going to have bunnies they will begin to build a nest with hair from their chest.

How do you know if a Dutch rabbit is pregnant?

they will make a nest and be moodie

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You would know because they make a nest.

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She will properly I don't know cause I have got a rabbit but it is a boy his name is Puddles

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No, a girl rabbit need to have sex with a boy rabbit in order to get pregnant.

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Turkey baster + drunk husband=pregnant rabbit

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A female rabbit reaches sexual maturity at 4 months old. A rabbit can then get pregnant anytime after that.

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I dont know but can any one tell me how to tell if my rabbit is pregnant. Thanks

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Yes. A rabbit can get pregnant the day she gives birth.

Can you see movement in a pregnant rabbit?

Yes you can but not until it is quite close to birthing. However if you know the rabbit well then you will probably notice the weight gain.

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Rabbit are normally pregnant a month to 41 days maybe if that.

What if your doe rabbit was with the male 27 days ago is she pregnant?

It All Depends if the mating has sucseeded. You may need to take your rabbit to the vet to check this out as you can never know for sure. When i had a rabbit we never found out she was pregnant until the week before as she started to act quite strange so we took her to the vet to find out she was pregnant.

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breed it with a boy rabbit

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It can be.

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Yes a rabbit can get pregnant at 3 months old however it is not recommended.

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No! But they can get pregnant as soon as they have babies.

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Yes when a female rabbit is pregnant it pulls out it fur to provide warmth for the baby rabbits

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Do it yourself!

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