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if you have the black eyes, s/he's abusive Guess what? I've never had a black eye. That doesn't mean I haven't been abused (especially since I've been afraid for my life). * Explain why you fear for your life if you are not being Physically Abused (Pushed, kicked, shoved , etc). If you are being Verbally threatened , what is he/she saying , WHY & How Often ???? Generalities or statements , without specifics, are meaningless.

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Q: How do you know someone is abusive?
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When you are bipolar does that make you abusive?

It could. But not every Bipolar person is abusive. It should however, never be an excuse for abuse. A person who is abusive Bipolar or not, is wrong in what they are doing. Seek help if you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship/situation.

How do you know when someone is in an abusive relationship?

i know from past relationship that having an abusive relationship is not easy but there are no signs you can look out for or things you could do, if the person loves there partner you carnt do nothing i was in a abusive relationship and kind of still am but that's tough love for you xxx

Why should abusive relationships be separated?

because why would you want to be with someone who is abusive towards you

What will happen to someone if they are in an abusive relationship forever?

If someone is in an abusive relationship forever, they're going to get killed or injured. So I think its best to be single forever.

Do abusive men know their abusive?

We cannot speak for all abusive men, but we assume that most of them know that they are abusers. Abusive men tend to come from abusive homes, and the behavior may seem normal to them. Others may feel that such behavior is their right. Most of them know the law, but when rage strikes, the law often doesn't mean much.

Do abusive men know they are abusive?

Many do and do it for the power trip. Some however, do is a way of life.

Why would someone be nice toward some but abusive toward a good friend?

More than likely that person does not want anyone to know that they are being abusive to someone. They also like to have control and power over that person. The person who is being abused needs to get out of that relationship, also, the one doing the abuse needs to seek help to see why they are abusive. I hope that this helps. God Bless:)

Does any one know how to get rid of abusive husband?

Divorce him and if he threatens or attacks you, then call the police

How can you start dating again when your first real relationship was a abusive one?

Try to find someone you can trust. Or someone you know isn't abusive. At any sign of violence, be wary and stay away from that person. Eventually, you will find the right person. But remember this: don't be shy. You never know whether the next person is like the person before that one if you keep shying away from them.

Is abusive behavior enhirited?

Yes, it is. If someone is abused or sees/hears a lot of abuse when they are younger chances are they are going to be abusive themselves.

What is an abusive personality?

How Do I know if I'm a narrcissitic person

Do you have to vist your dad if hes verbally abusive?

I would let someone know that you are being abused when you visit your father. Perhaps his visitation with you can be supervised so you will not be hurt from him. Let your mother know this is occurring and she can have it supervised.

Why are fathers abusive?

Fathers should not be abusive. If you are being abused, you need to tell someone you trust that you are being abused and you need help. As to why some are abusive, it could be that they were abused and they don't know any better, or it gives them a sense of control over you, or any number of other things. In any case, no one should ever abuse you. Get help.

If someone has had an abusive childhood and grows up making every effort to change but unwittingly hurts someone else does that cause a negative karmic reaction?

It could; abusive behavior is learned and if you grew up in an abusive environment it can be very deeply entrenched. If you unwittingly hurt someone else, try to make amends to hopefully avert a negative karmic reaction...

What do you do if you have an emotionally and verbally abusive friend?

Why would you call someone who is "emotionally and verbally abusive" - your "friend"? Abusers cannot be friends because they lack empathy and the ability to truly love someone else or relate to others!

What should you do if someone is verbally abusive?

Let them know that it is not ok to talk to you in that way. Tell them that you will not be around them anymore if they can not address you in a respectful way. If it continues, you might have to disassociate yourself with them.

How do you know if a guy is too controlling?

he starts to act abusive

What type of woman does an emotionally abusive man seek?

An abusive man (emotional,physical, etc.) will seek insecure woman.Woman who are not independant. Someone to take care of their needs.And that is it, someone to satisfy their needs. An abusive man can not change, a woman can not change him. He has to change himself. He had to do it all alone, if he really wants to recover.I really wish all the ladies in abusive relationships strength. That is what they need to leave.

Is kicking the air an abusive action?

It depends on the circumstance. If the kick in the air is aimed toward someone, then it is an attempted abusive action. If it is just a regular kick in the air, then it has no harm to anyone whatsoever, and isn't considered an abusive action at all.

How do you heal from an emotionally abusive father?

Talk to someone, get your feelings out. Things feel so much better when you tell someone, hopefully someone you trust.

Can an abusive boyfriend forgive infidelity?

No. Don't tell him. If he is abusive I'm sure he will hurt you. If you need to get it off your head go and talk to someone but please don't tell him.

Why was he trying not to be abusive but he was?

Men who are abusive generally have learned this from the environment in which they grew up. Some men have a short fuse and blast off with either verbally abusive words or they become physically abusive with their partner. Some men know deep inside it is wrong, but don't know how to get help and most men refuse to seek psychological counseling because it makes them feel weak and not masculine. If he refuses to get help then you have the power to get out of the abusive relationship.

Can get an answer from an abuser if you ask them reason for their abusive nature?

No, because if they are still being abusive, they see the world from another perspective. If you are expecting that this will happen or that you can convince someone that they are abusive, chances are that you won't see it happen. About all you can do is to call them on their behavior, saying how it makes you feel. A good book is Patricia Evan's The Abusive Relationship.

How do you handle your sisters abusive behavior towards your grandson?

You speak to her about it or you ask someone who she respects to do it for you.

What is the adjective of abuse?

To describe someone or a behavior that abuses someone/something, you would say abusive. Example: He was verbally abusivetowards the hair stylist.You can also refer to a victim of abuse as "abused."Example: The abused victim went to court.