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No start? No turnover? No horn? No lights? Check with a voltmeter

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Q: How do you know the battery of your car is dead?
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How do you know if your car battery's dead?

Your car won't turn on.

How do I know if my car battery is dead?

If your car battery is dead, you will not be able to start your vehicle without a jump using jumper cables. When the car won't start and the lights on the dash aren't working, it is most likely your battery.

I parked my car for over a year and when I tried starting the car the battery is stone dead I would like to know can the battery be revived if yes how.?

You need to charge the battery with a battery charger.

Locked 2004 odyssey that has a dead battery the key fob will not work because the battery in the car is dead. The alarm will go off and i do not know how to turn it off. what do i do?

If the battery is dead the alarm will not go off

How would you know if your car battery has a dead cell?

If the battery will not hold a charge it more than likely has a dead cell. If the battery is over 4 years old, replace it.

How do you know if a battery is dead?

Try start the car. Check the voltage.

How can you tell when there is a dead cell in a car battery?

It is dead when the car doesnt start. You can see warning sighs when your car takes longer to start, or when rolling your windows up or down takes longer than normal. If you fully charge the battery and it looses that charge over a 24 hour period, and you know there is nothing draining the battery, it has a dead cell. In some cases a battery with a dead cell will not even accept a charge.

Can you charge a dead battery by getting a second car that is running take the good battery out of the running car and put the dead battery into the running car as a means of charging it?

No, this will place a very heavy load on the alternator of the car and may result in burning out the diodes of the car charging the battery. You could easily ruin the alternator. Purchase a battery charger and charge the dead battery with that. Alternators are not made to charge dead batteries.

Why would a car go totally dead?

A completely dead battery or a bad connection to the battery.

How do you start your car with a dead battery?

Get a donor car and use it's battery to start your car. You will need a set of quality jumper cables. Or you can charge the dead battery on the car for about 2 hours with a good 10 amp battery charger.

How do you know of your car battery is dead?

Your car won't start. No electrical items will work (radio, lights, power windows/locks...)

Why does a car battery go dead after a storm?

A storm has nothing to do with the battery going dead.

How do you put a Jetta in neutral when the battery is dead?

Jump the car from another car battery or hook a charger to the battery.

New car battery not used for months will not accept charge from charger?

Some car battery charges will not charge a completely dead battery. You need to find a type of battery charger that is designed to charge a completely dead battery. You can get around this by hooking a car with a working battery up to the dead battery with jumper cables. The alternator/charging system of the car with the good battery will charge the dead battery. Leave them connected for about 30 min, then disconnect and try to use the battery charger again. If it still won't charge, hook it up to the car with the good battery for a longer period of time.

Does driving the car also charge the battery if its dead?

Yes, once you have jump started the car (from another car's battery), driving the car will recharge the dead battery (provided the battery is OK). This is a terrible idea and may damage the alternator. Drive the car immediately home and charge the battery with a battery charger. Alternators are designed to keep a charged battery fully charged. They are not designed to charge a dead battery. This puts way too much strain on the alternator circuits.

What can a car battery jumper be used for?

Car battery jumpers are used to revive a dead battery in your vehicle. This is done by connecting a pair of jumper cables from a running car, or booster car, to the car with the dead battery. Once these are connected, the booster vehicle is started and begins to charge the non-working vehicle.

What to do once a dead battery has affected the computer the car?

A dead battery will have no effect on the computer in the car any more than unplugging your home computer.

Will car battery go dead if ignition is left on?

if anything is running off the battery (visibly on) the battery will eventually go dead

How does a dead cell effect the car battery?

If it has a dead cell the battery will not hold a charge and must be replaced.

What are the release dates for The Car Coach - 2011 Dealing with a Dead Car Battery?

The Car Coach - 2011 Dealing with a Dead Car Battery was released on: USA: 8 February 2011

What could cause the battery to drain when the car is off?

Dead cell in the battery or something is on pulling power from the battery. If it is a dead cell the battery must be replaced.

What if Alarm dead with dead battery can't get into car?

use the key to get in pop the hood and jump charge the car battery if this is not possible phone your main dealer

How do you know that you have a bad car battery?

your engine wont turn over but it makes a clicking noise or if you turn the key to the notch before the one that turn on your car then turn on your radio and if it doesn't turn on you have a dead battery.

Will my GPS still work if the battery is dead in my car?

For an external GPS, yes, assuming that battery is not also dead.

Can you bump start a car with a dead battery?

Do you mean "jump start"? If so, yes- it requires a car with a good battery, and a set of jumper cables- connected the RIGHT way between the two vehicles. With older vehicle, it was possible to "push start" the car with the dead battery- but with modern electronics, and a completely dead battery, will not work.