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the only sure way is to remove the cylinder head and measure the diameter of the piston cylinder muliplied by the length of the piston stroke(how far it travels from bottom to top) this will give you the cubic inch (or cubic centimeters depending what country your are in) of ONE cylinder multiply that by the number of cylinders to give the total engine displacment (Size).

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Q: How do you know what size of engine is in a car that has had the engine changed?
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How much oil does a car engine take?

Depends on engine size, but the average is about 5 quarts when the oil filter is changed.

Can a Oldsmobile engine fit in any gm car?

Gonna need to know what size engine and what year.

Can you buy car batteries at walmart?

Absolutely. You will need to know the make/model and engine size of the car in question.

What can be the reason for low car speed even if engine speed is good enough?

If you mean your car has a big engine but your car isn't going as fast as you know the car can with that size of engine. If that's what your thinking of than your car probably has a chip wich is limmitin your speed.

What is the engine size of a formula one car?

2.4 liters is the size of the Formula one Engine.

What is the size of a 2.2 liter car engine?

How much horsepower in a 2.2 liter car engine?

Where is the engine size located?

In the car's manual.

How expensive is a new starter for your car?

Year of car? Make of Car? Engine size?

When should your car's engine oil be changed?

every 2 to 7 years

How do you know if your car needs a caburetor?

Give us the year, make, model and engine size, you may not even have a carburetor.

Would a fusable link keep thr car from starting?

yes but will need to know the year, make and engine size.

What is Lincoln Town Car spark plug gap?

Really have top know the year,engine size,etc to answer this.

Can a gearbox in a vaxhall vectra be changed whilst the engine is still in the car if so how?

no engine will have to be removed

What happens when you changed the gear without releasing the gas on a manual car?

Your car engine will stop.

What is the best engine size for a normal average car?

The normal size is c.i

What is the engine size of Chrysler 300c car?

5.7 liters

What is 140cid on a car?

140 cid (cubic inch displacement) is the size of the engine.

Can the rear seal on a 1991 Honda accord be changed with the engine in the car?


Engine Replacement?

form_title=Engine Replacement form_header=Need a new engine? Get your car running again with help from an expert mechanic. What is the year, make and model of your vehicle?=_ How many miles are on your car?=_ Describe the problem with your engine in detail.=_ What is the engine size of your car?=_

Is there a kit to make your regular engine a turbo engine?

Yes, such kits do exist but there is alot to consider. There are several things you have to know about your engine before you buy a turbo. Check and see what engine size and model your car has, and then look up to see if turbo kits exist in that engine size. If you install yourself, make sure you don't overboost your engine and blow it.

Code p0480 what do you do to fix this?

depends on car. give me a year make and model and engine size (give me vin number if you dont know.) and i can help

What is the fuel consumption of a car with 1331cc?

Many factors determine the fuel consumption of any car and engine size is one of them. The size, weight, aerodynamics, and how it is driven are of utmost importance. Without knowing the make, model, and year of the car, and just going by engine size it is impossible to answer this question intelligently.

Does the oil in a car engine need to be changed every three months?

Well it depends on the type of car. Hope I helped!

What does 3.1 mean in a car engine?

That would usually denote the engine size as being 3.1 litres.

What engine size does a smart car have?

600cc petrol or 800cc diesel

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