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I dont know excactly but i have guy friends over a lot but if he comes over just to be with you alone, then he probably likes you. If you dont know just ask him. :-)

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When do you know when a girl likes you?

When she looks at you during class a lot. When she comes over to talk to you, when she blushes, when she smiles at nothing, when her friends know a lot about you, when she likes your statuses on facebook.

Girl ask you over her house for dinner what does it mean?

She probably likes you and wants to get to know you better.

How do you get over a guy your in love with and you dont know if he likes you?

Why don't you find out if he likes you before you start trying to get over him... if you don't know, maybe he likes you and you can have him! (hint: ask him out!)

You are 9 and a boy in your class comes over your house everyday?

he either likes you as a freind or realy likes u give him a chance first , dont just say im not dating, let him come to you when hes ready

How do you know a super shy guy likes you or not?

You'll know if he likes you if his dick goes hard when you bend over..

Why won't Helena get over with it and kiss Ben?

No. she will not Because she wants to know if ben likes her Because she wants to know if ben likes her

Why do dogs pee when someone new comes over to the house?

Dogs pee when someone comes over because they are exited.

How do you know girl like you?

if she makes eye contact then she likes you but you must invite her over to your house so that she can be accepted by your family by performing oral sex on all the male figures in the house including pets

How to know if Virgo man likes you I really like this guy he tried to kiss me before but I said no He still comes over for a chat and that's about it?

If he tried to kiss you, then that's a pretty clear sign that he likes you. Not only that, but he still comes to talk to you even after you rejected his advance... What clearer sign do you want?

How do you know if he truly likes you?

you know if he truly likes you if he is not rushing things, doesnt leave you for his friends, picks you over friends, is not embarrased to teel people that he likes you, and doesnt act shady or lie.

How do you know if this guy likes me?

if he gets an instaboner and knocks over a table...

How do you know if your crush's mom likes you?

If she invites you over consistently And is sweet to you.

How to know if a guy likes you over text?

You can't. And he probably doesn't.

House of represenatives have more power over the nation's money than the senate?

The House does have more power over the Senate when it comes to the nation's money.

What do you do when you have a boy over your house that you really like?

do what you do with a girl mate. Have a laugh. If it seems like he likes you then great for you! BUT for god sake don't do anything stupid, like i don't... know sleep with him.

What is the reproductive systems?

its when your mother comes over to my house and you get and new baby brother.

If a guy likes you and you like him how could he talk to you about it?

Well, first of all how do you know he likes you if you don't ask him? Well if you know he likes you and you like him start a small conversation over cloths or shoes and see if he is intrested in the convo.

Who comes to visit Montag?

Beatty comes over to Montag's house for a pep talk concerning the conversation the day before.

What to say to a girl on a first date?

say hi for start and then i guess just listen and ask her questions about herself like what she likes what are her faves stuff as in TV shows, movies ,foods, if she likes video games you know her interests.At the of the date date ask she wants to come over to your house or ask if you can come over to her.

I ended a relationship with narcissistic man and I see him when I am over my friends house at times and now he comes on to me and asked me to go over his house how do let him know to get away?

Date someone else. Tell him that dating him taught you how much you never want to be with him. Get some friends that do not hang out with your ex.

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