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you need to know that he likes you too and wants to tell you that.

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Should you kiss the guy you like?

If you like a guy than wait for the right moment then you"ll know when to kiss him but dont go to far "if you know what im saying".

What do you do if a guy forces you to kiss him?

If a guy forces you to kiss him then he is not the right guy for you! You need to decide if you wanna kiss him not the guy! I can relate to that because there was once a guy I liked and he tried to force me to kiss him! Never like a guy like that. That is called a unhealthy relationship.

Do Yoshi and birdo ever kiss?

You do know that Birdo is a guy right?

How come a guy wont kiss you?

because they are scared or not ready to kiss you.I know im a guy. except i like men

When do you know if she wants you to kiss her?

if you think its the right time then go for it, but the first kiss should be closed mouth and the guy should start it

How can a fourteen year old guy know if a girl wants to kiss him?

Well, usually if a girl wants to kiss a guy, she'll look him right in the eye, and smile. But if you're going to kiss a girl, don't make it completely random, or you'll look like an idiot. (;

How do you know a guy wants to kiss?

You will see it in his eyes he will be looking at you like you are everything to him.

How do you kiss a guy you like but dont know if he likes you back?

you dont but if u really like him wait for the right time n place n i bet u he will lik it!!!!!

What do you do when a guy kisses you on the lips?

It depends. If this guy is some wacked out pervert you push him and run. But if you really like this guy, and he is the half that makes you whole, you kiss him back! if the guy is someone you know and trust (and like) then you kiss him back but if you do not know the person then the best thing to do if scream and draw attention, he may be a stalker.

How to know if a guy likes your kissing?

You would know if a guy like you kisses if he ask you to kiss him again, that mean he's into your kisses your a good kisser to him

How do you get a guy you like to kiss you?

Ask him directly, or just kiss him. You don't even have to wait until the time is right. Men like direct approaches. Trust me, I am one.

When is it all right to kiss a guy?

When he says yes you can kiss me. Or, if you don't want to ask him for permission, you can lean your head in slowly and pucker your lips like you are going to kiss him and if he doesn't say anything than it is probably alright. If you are wondering how you can know ahead of time if you will be rejected, I imagine that depends a lot on the guy. No idea.

How does a 15 year old get her first kiss?

IF U DONT KNOW HOW TO KISS A GUY/GIRL u are lucky i am here to tell you cause its easy. u just kiss them like u kiss ur parents if u do........ that is how simple it is so yer!!!!!!:) You need to find a guy you like that likes you back and doesn't seem like he will go off and kiss other girls cause the guy you like right now seems like the type to cheat on you cause a kiss is supposed to be special not something you do with multiple girls. I'm really popular and I'm 1 i haven't had my first kiss yet but that doesn't mean that it won't ever happen you just have to find the right person trust me ( = or at least trust Kirby (>'-')> lol <('-'<)

How do you kiss really good?

if your a guy move your head to the right and kiss their top lip! i would know cuz im an AWESOME kisser! lol no kidding!

What do you tell your boyfriend when you are about to kiss him?

I tell him that the guy I'm about to kiss is the guy who behaves and looks like you.

Would a guy ever kiss a girl he thought was unattractive?

You never know. If a girl is unattractive, but her personality is beautiful, that may lead to the guy wanting to kiss/like her. Looks are not everything.

How do you know that a guy loves you or not?

You kiss him...Then you find out!

How do you know if you like the guy who kissed you?

if you cant stp thinking about him if you felt electricity in the kiss if you think you like him if you have flirted before the kiss if your not a booty call if you believe he could have feelings for you then you like him

How do you kiss a guy you like that you know likes you back and where do you kiss him at like cheek lips neck?

first give him a lip kiss and pull away and see if he goes along with it, then try frenching him. If you know you like each other then try kissing him on the corner of his mouth or the mouth

How do you kiss if you are a shy girl?

You don't. Just wait until a special guy comes around, and when you know he likes you and you like him, he'll kiss you. Always let the guy make the first move.

What do you do when you know a guy is going to kiss you you just don't kno when?

Well just chill out. You never know when he will kiss you. If you keep thinking about it then your date will be ruined! Just let it happen! It will happen when the moments right!

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