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If you like a guy than wait for the right moment then you"ll know when to kiss him but dont go to far "if you know what im saying".

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When should a guy have his first kiss?

I say you should have your first real kiss (not like elementary) when he's sometime in his teens.

What do you do if a guy forces you to kiss him?

If a guy forces you to kiss him then he is not the right guy for you! You need to decide if you wanna kiss him not the guy! I can relate to that because there was once a guy I liked and he tried to force me to kiss him! Never like a guy like that. That is called a unhealthy relationship.

How do you kiss a guy you aren't dating?

Seeing as it's a guy you're not dating you should try to do it more sexually than a guy you are dating. And with less feeling. Kiss him like you think he would kiss you. Be confident and go for it (:

What if you want to kiss someone because you really like them?

then do it dont be shy bc either they like you or they dont but the first kiss should always be closed mouth and the guy should start it

What do you tell your boyfriend when you are about to kiss him?

I tell him that the guy I'm about to kiss is the guy who behaves and looks like you.

Should you kiss back your best guy friend who you like when he asks for it?

no because if you just kiss him he would just take advantage of you love for him

What should you do on the first kiss?

first kiss should always be closed mouth and the guy should take the lead

What should you do if you really like this guy and he knows you like him but you want to kiss him?

i keep answering this one um well if a guy wants to kiss you he will make it happen he wil lobe ythe one that kisses you he should be the one to start it and you be the one to end it its embarresing when the guy does plus leave him wanting more

How should you kiss a guy?

with your lips. snog him

Questions with 'Ikissed this guy that you like on the cheek and ever since then you want to kiss him on the lips should you?

only if he is interested in you, but you should play hard to get then let him kiss you first.

What is the best kiss for a first kiss?

closed mouth, guy should start it

How do you kiss a guy who doesnt know you like him?

I wouldn't suggest to kiss him... You should first tell him that you like him. Because if you kiss him without saying anything then he'll most likely think it's really weird and avoid you.

How do you make him kiss me?

Get your friends to tell his friends to bug him about it. Him vein a guy will be like competitive and kiss you. But you need to of your close. Guy and girl friends to be there and keep saying kiss kiss!

Should you kiss someone youre not dating?

Is it wrong to kiss a guy you're not dating?

How old should you be when you have your first kiss?

It depends on what age you are when you find the perfect guy to kiss

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