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How do you know when it is time for fish to mate?

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Hey there, Depends on what what breed it is. Guppies, platies, mollies, swordtails breed all the time if the water hardness is right. Gourami will breed when a male is feeling like making a bubble nest which i think is normally spring and/or autum. Gold fish are normally in spring but need decent water conditions. And so forth. But If i didnt work at an aquarium for a few years I would have never known that most aqauriums only order in male gouramis and cichlids unless there has been a special order or the order is for mixed sexes, so u better make sure that u have different sexes first and sometimes it can be hard to tell. Do abit of research on the net or at the library and that should help u out. If u have any other questions u can message me at Hope that helped. catch!

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What time of the year do starfish mate?

Star fish do not mate .

What fish mate in a fish tank?

One time I had two goldfish and they had 38 "fishlings" (As my sister calls it...). I have a silverside that has eggs. A silverside isn't sold in pet stores. :( ==== Not all tropical fish mate in an aquarium. Why,I do not know. Sometropical fish that will mate in a tank are guppies and mollies which are live bearers. Tetras and barbs are egglaying fish.

Do fish mate?

yes all fish mate

Why are there more fish than penguins?

Because there is lots more types(species)of fish than penguins and fish mate any time and penguins mate only in summer or spring

Can an algae eater mate with a regular fish?

Only fish that are the same species can mate, so I dont' know what you mean by regular fish, but if they aren't the same species as the algae eater, they cannot mate. (That would be like a dog mating with a cat.)

Can betafish mate in fish boles and how?

Yes, and they do it in the usual manner. In case you don't know how fish mate, the female lays eggs and then the male swims over and fertilizes them.

What fish eats its mate and then turns into the opposite sex?

I know the answer, wondering how many others know it.

How do you mate a reed-fish?

u put a lot of fish in the tank and then they mate

Why does your fish swim up and down his tank all the time?

The fish may have a diesease or it is trying to mate

How do you know when its time to mate your betta fish?

Males build a nest of bubbles at the surface of the water and females display horizontal lines the length of their bodies.

Do fighting fish mate all year?

They can mate at any time of the year but only when conditions are exactly right for them to do so.

What season do glofish mate in?

Well its not easy to say they mate in spring to obviously know. They can also mate in any time they want they can mate on the birthday but most of the time spring

How do you mate fish?

To mate fish, you should see how the fish you want to mate, mate. Then you should put them in the same tank and watch them. I'm not an expert so search the web for a more through answer.

How do you know the male betta fish is ready to mate?

he starts making a bubble nest

How do you know your betta fish want to mate?

It would puff it's fins up

Is it possible for a gourami to mate with a platy and get pregnant?

no. fish can only mate with fish of the same species. Gouramis mate with gouramis and platys mate with platys.

What time of year do snakes mate?

what month do snakes mate that was all we wanted to know gee what month do snakes mate that was all we wanted to know gee what month do snakes mate that was all we wanted to know gee what month do snakes mate that was all we wanted to know gee

When is a fish ready to mate?

A female fish is ready to mate when there is a white opening near her vent. Betta fish even have stripes on their stomachs to indicate that they are ready to mate.

What is a fish and a another fish competeing for?

Most of the time fish compete for a mate. Try to get an equal number of females & males or get all of one gender.

How do you know when fishes are mating?

Except in the case of livebearers when you will see it happening all the time, it is unusual for fish to mate in captivity without the Aquarist actually setting up specific conditions that are necessary for fish to mate. Different species require totally different water parameters and tank conditions..

How do you mate goldfish?

You really don't. You have to wait until breeding time for fish outside and fish in tanks they can breed any time depinding on the water timperature

Do angelfish blend in with other fish?

Do you mean will they mate with other fish or get along with other fish? They will not mate with other fish, but they will get along without tetras.

How does a flying fish mate?

Fish can't fly

Can guppies mate with other fish?

They can with mosquito fish.

Will fish mate with other fish in the tank?

of course, why not?

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