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from which part of your engine is the ticking noise coming from. if is the TOP it would most likely be lifter noise.try using a thicker oil.

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Q: How do you know when to change the tensioner because you have a ticking noise?
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97 ford probe gt 2.5 ticking rattling noise coming from the timing belt?

more than likely the tensioner

Ticking noise in a 1989 Mazda mx6 gt turbo?

it is the lifters, so you will need to change the head

Why does my Tahoe make a ticking noise until I hit about 40 mph?

== == Could be a pebble stuck in the tread of one of your tires.The ticking noise only appears to disappear because the tone or pitch of the noise gets higher with speed to the point at which it is undetectable to the human ear.

Ticking noise after spark plugs and negative battery cable replaced in 86 Honda prelude 2.0 SI?

the ticking noise is likely the fuel injectors, which you probably didn't notice before because you weren't looking for anything wrong.

2002 GMC Envoy exhaust ticking noise?

the ticking noise is a small exhaust leak close to the exhaust headers or exhaust pipe near the engine.

What causes engine ticking noise on a 2006 Toyota Avalon?

The fuel injectors make the ticking noise you hear at startup, especially when the engine is cold (colder temperatures).

Why is there a ticking noise in a 1997 Honda Prelude?

if ticking noise is in engine, u most likely have a worn hydraulic lifter. check oil for correct volume and viscocity

Why would an old van make a ticking noise when the van is turned off and stop when you turn on the ignition or the lights and also it will not start?

The ticking noise is the metal cooling.

Your 2000 grand prix gtp is losing power and making a ticking noise?

yes, my 2000 grand prix gtp is losing power and makes ticking noise.

How do you stop the ticking noise when accelerating?

Take it to a mechanic

Ttr 125 has ticking noise at idle is this okay?

My 2006 TT-R has a slight ticking noise. BTW the bike is almost brand new, almost 10 hours on it.

What can be done about a ticking or rattling noise coming from either the timing belt or the rear camshaft on a 95 Probe 2.5 GT?

It sounds like your timing belt hydraulic tensioner arm is bad, they are very expensive.

1994 probe GT 2.5 v6 5speed - Will the timing belt tensioner cause a little ticking noise and if so is it hard to install one or costly to replace the belt?

Failing bearings and spring loadings of the tensioner assembly can cause noise and belt tracking. However, timing and other mechanical issues can also cause ticking and clicking noises. The tensioner and idler pullies in addition to the belts are not considered a costly repair for this application. It is advisable to have the condition verified by a professional before replacing perfectly functional parts. However, belts are routing wear items and should be replaced at appropriate intervals.

You hear noise when I start the car then when the enegin warms up the noise is gone?

Is it a lifter ticking?

Why does my starter makes a ticking noise?

Most likely the ticking you are hearing is that from your solonoid. This is generally related with insufficient power from the battery.

What is causing a ticking noise in a 1988 Toyota Camry and what needs to be done to fix it?

Try to locate the ticking noise. Is it the engine? Is it ticking when you are driving? When you are sitting still? It could be as simple as a stone stuck in yoru tire, everytime it hits the road it ticks. it could be a lifter in the engine. Try to be more specific as to where and when the ticking happens.

What is ticking noise in 2005 explorer?

could be a lifter sticking

How do you eliminate chirping noise from automatic tensioner of a ford 92 f250 pickup truck?

You will need to change it out. The bearing is failing.

Why does your 1992 buick lesabre make a loud ticking noise?

there is a rattling noise in the area of the serpentine bell

What is the clicking noise when it accelerate?

you need to give more detail on where the noise is coming from. Otherwise it could be several things such as exhaust leak, rockers, lifters, or valves ticking bcause they are bent. ac compressor ticking because its bad. several other things. be more detailed. specific.

Ticking noise in 25 ltr motor only 47000 miles what can you do to quiet it down?

ticking noise is usually "lifter noise". if this noise increases in speed when accelerating then it is "lifter noise". just change your oil.and or maitain proper oil level.try using a medium to thick oil 20/30 20/50 , there is a product call lucas which also helps your oil lubricate the engines moving parts easier. i have use it, and it works , it takes a few miles but it works.

Why is your ford expedition making a ticking noise and not starting?

battery is dead

What causes ticking noise in engine of 2001 Mitsubishi Mirage?


Will bad timing chair tensioner cause top end noise On 2005 Polaris predator 500?

yes, if the tensioner is bad it will make a noise at idle, but when you rev it up the chain will get tighter and the noise will go away.

What would make a ticking noise when you reach 2500 rpms?

well it sounds like your lifters are ticking The connecting rods screaming LET ME OUT!!!