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How do you know when you no longer love someone?

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2007-06-27 09:21:48

All relationships at the beginning are exciting and the couple

can't get enough of each other, but time can take it's toll. Every

relationship goes through a stale period or two and it doesn't

matter who you choose to be with. Then children come along and it

feels to some young women that life simply ends because they are

usually at home cooking, cleaning and looking after a child or two.

Your mate is working and getting out in the world while you are

probably staying at home feeling like you are missing something or

working, raising your child and catching up on chores. It's time

for you both to mature. COMMUNICATION is the key in EVERY

relationship and without it you have nothing! Sit down with your

boyfriend and express how you feel. See if you can't trade off with

a girlfriend to take your little boy once or twice a month on a

Saturday night and you and your boyfriend can go out and have some

fun and by doing this you aren't paying for a babysitter (you can

look after her child(ren) on alternative weekends. No one ever said

a relationship was easy and you have to start communicating more

with each other and making decisions on having a little more fun in

your relationship. Perhaps you could even go away for a couple of

days on a weekend. If you leave your boyfriend you'll just be

trading off one set of problems for another. It's time to grow


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