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there really is no way to find out if he is lieing or not. you just need to act calm and dont ump to conclusions. keep your eyes on things but remeber, boyfriends and girlfirneds are intitled to have friends , adn their also allowed to communicate over the phone. stay calm.

You never really know. If you have been going together for a bit and he has been good to you then I doubt there is anything to worry about. If you believe his ego gets the best of him then I suggest you directly ask him what is going on.

If there was nothing going on about this phone number then I he shouldn't have any problem telling you about it.

hmmmm...tough have to steal his cell phone and then call the number and ahe if someone answers..and then you get your brother to talk for you and find out if hes like...cheating or something.....i think

the number in his cell might be just a friend......and if you are going out with him you should trust him ....( trust me i know by expiriance!) oh yea..and don't spazz at him because he will dump you..or you will get in a big fight,,,...they hate when you don't believe them

Why are you with someone you do not trust! If you can't trust him then you don't need to be with him. Maybe she trusted him!

Second-guessing only gets you into trouble. Either he has been fooling around on you before, is flirtatious or you have a jealousy problem. The best thing to do is copy the number down off his cell and phone it, but don't let on who you are. If you're wrong and it's a friend of his (male) then learn your lesson well!

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Q: How do you know when your boyfriend is lying to you about a number in his cell phone?
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