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Pregnancy is achieved when a man's sperm fertilizes a woman's egg. This most often occurs when the man deposits his sperm into the woman's vagina during sexual intercourse. However, sperm is mobile, and if it is deposited even close to the vagina, for example, during a heavy petting session, it may still reach the egg to fertilize it. So the penis doesn't need to even be inside the vagina to cause pregnancy.

2008-10-15 16:48:34
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Q: How do you know when your penis is far enough in a womans vagina to cause pregnancy?
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Can urinating in a womans vagina cause a STD?

Urinating in a woman's vagina won't cause a STD, but it likely will cause an infection.

Can a mans beard cause irritation to a womans vagina?


Can a licked vagina in periods cause pregnancy?

No. For pregnancy to occur there needs to be sperm.

Does touching of vagina with mans fingers cause pregnancy?


Can touching the vagina with the penis alone cause pregnancy?

Not if there is no intercourse/penetration. Penetration can cause pregnancy even if there is no ejaculation.

How far does your penis have to be in to get her pregnant?

It actually does not even have to enter the vagina to cause pregnancy if there is sperm/ejaculate on the outside of her vagina. If there is ejaculate around, on and definitely in the vagina there is always a possibility of pregnancy.

Can sperm on the outer lips of the vagina cause pregnancy?


A drop of semen outside the vagina can cause pregnancy?

Yes it can

Does having sperm causes anything?

Sperm cause pregnancy if they get into the vagina.

Does only putting fingers in the vagina cause pregnancy?

No fingers do not have semen.

Can a girl get pregnant if semen is thrown out of vagina?

Even if most of the semen leaves the vagina, enough might remain to cause pregnancy. Remember that it only takes a single sperm cell to reach an egg cell.

Why does fingering some times cause your vagina to hurt?

This can be due to the lack of lubrication. Be sure to use a store bought lubrication (such as KY found near the condoms and pregnancy tests) or make sure that your stimulated enough that your vagina is plenty moist. If you are dry, it can cause friction from the fingers rubbing against the inside wall of your vagina.

Can getting a male's saliva in your vagina lead to pregnancy?

No, only sperm has the ability to penetrate the female egg and cause a pregnancy. Saliva contains no sperm, so there is no chance of pregnancy, if saliva alone ends up in your vagina.

Does a guy have to stick his penis into your vagina in order to get pregnant?

That is most common, but anything that causes sperm to enter the vagina can cause pregnancy.

Does ejecting on girl underwear cause pregnancy?

Yeah if those panties touch her vagina. And those sperm get inside her vagina and impregnate her.

Why does your vagina itch during pregnancy?

your vagina will itch as cause it is getting use to you being pregenant or it just could be an itch that is really bad.

Jacking cause pregnancy?

Only if your ejaculate shoots all the way to another woman's vagina, then no.

Does kissing lip to lip cause pregnancy?

No, semen needs to get into the vagina to be able to make a baby.

Can semen that lands on the inside of your leg cause pregnancy?

Only if it gets into your vagina and fertilizes an egg.

If dry sperm enters the vagina can you get pregnant?

Sperm cannot live outside the body for very long, but there is a minute possibility that some could survive in this scenario long enough to cause pregnancy.

Your condom slipped an inch or 2 from the base can that cause pregnancy?

It is very unlikely. If no semen entered the vagina, there can be no pregnancy. A little slippage is fairly normal.

Can grapefruit cause pregnancy?

No. Unless by "grapefruit", you mean "a man ejaculating into a woman's vagina", in which case the answer is yes.

Can a condom slipping off and being stuck in vagina cause pregnancy?

the condom- no. the sperm in the condom- yes

Can lubrication on finger cause pregnancy?

If you have fresh semen on your finger and inserts it inside her vagina, yes then she can get pregnant.

Does semen cause a womans vagina too have an odor?

Yes, if the male had an infection or if you did not follow through with post sex sanitary measures, there could be vaginal odors.