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It's time to sit down and make out that list I often mention in my posts. Put down the good things about your boyfriend, then the things that bother you about him. Make a separate list re yourself (the good/bad.) If he treats you well, you socialize fairly often or at least go out to "bar night", dances and movies then this is all normal. If he treats you with respect and keeps his promises these are points on his side as well. If he breaks dates, doesn't keep his promises and is rude and crude to you it's time to move on. Sometimes when we meet someone for the first time that we care about and start dating, it's almost like we put our family and friends to the side and we only have eyes for the one we love. The wrong thing to do is doing EVERYTHING together and never giving each other head space. It's healthier to have a private side of your lives where he can go out with male buddies, and you can go out with your friends or even at times, go on a mini holiday with the same sex. People of all ages generally need "head space" and by being around someone too much it becomes boring. Perhaps you could take a mini vacation and decide just how much you miss him, or perhaps you won't. Get that list made and put it away for a week, then take it out and read it and you'll have your answer. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How do you know whether or not to break up or stay together with your boyfriend?
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How do you know whether your boyfriend loves you or not?


How do you know whether your boyfriend truly loves you?

i cant

How do you know if your girlfriend has a boyfriend?

Ideally, you would be the boyfriend of your girlfriend. If you didn't know whether you were going out, you could always ask them.

What to do if my boyfriends ex wants him back but she does not know we are together?

You need better communication skills with your boyfriend and that means there is nothing you should not be able to discuss together. Ask him why he has not let his ex know that he is dating you. You did not say whether she is in touch with him, you or both of you. If he is letting this go on then he is not being honest and loyal to you and you have the control to let him know that you do not share your boyfriends with other girls and if he persists you will break up.

How do you know if your boyfriend still likes you?

when they dont break up with you

How can you tell if your boyfriend's friend likes you?

Hang on a you like your boyfriend? Or is he second best? Do you think that your boyfriend would be OK with it if he knew how you really felt about him? If not, break up with him, regardless of whether or not his friend likes you! Now if you want to know if the likes you, read the related question "How can you tell if a boy likes you?". But don't even think about that until you break up with your current boyfriend! -DJ Craig

How do you know if your boyfriend bought you something?

dont be such a brat and wait for him to give it to you then you will know whether he did

When you know your boyfriend is cheating on you with girl you know what should you do?

You should tell the other girl and both break up with your boyfriend.

How to know if your boyfriend really wants to break up if we are together for 3 years and always break up?

When he talks to you does he smile, an let out a laugh or giggle when he talks to you? If he does. He is living about wanting to patch it up, he is looking for a way out.

How do you know if your boyfriend is going to break up with you?

when he stop hanging around you

How to you know whether my boyfriend really love me as we dont share much time toghether?

It's hard to say. Is he really affectionate when you two are together? You know when he loves you, but you need to spend more time together or talk on the phone/skype more :-)

How do you know whether your girlfriend has another boyfriend or not?

you know when she doesnt talk to you that much and she doesnt let you hug her or kiss her and she runs away alot that's when you know she has another boyfriend

Is not missing your boyfriend at all for weeks while being together reason enough to break up with him?

If your boyfriend has been away for weeks and you do not miss him then it could be because you were not getting along in the first place or, you both needed time to be alone and not together to sort out your relationship. This does not always mean you have to break up or you do not love the person. If you feel you want your freedom to date others then have the decency to at least let your boyfriend know how you feel and make a clean break of it and do not end up cheating on him (not accusing you of this.)

My boyfriend is cheating on me what do I do?

if he is cheating on you then you know he is stupid and just break up with it will be his loss!

When do you know when to dump your boyfriend?

Give him a chance for him to do something for you then if he doesn't then break-up with him.

How do you break the news to your boyfriend that you love him?

I'm really worried. I don't know how to.

How do you know when to break up with your boyfriend?

Answer You know when it's time to break up with a boyfriend when being around him makes your skin crawl, or you feel sick to your stomach he turns you off that much. Then it's time to say goodbye.

Is it bad to break up when you don't know if you love her?

Know whether you love her or not before you break up because you might break up the if you find you actually love her then you might have lost her forever! - You're my boyfriend aren't you? Don't ask wikianswers if you should break up with me! Look inside your heart and ask yourself how you truly feel about me, without putting into consideration the other things you are doing.

Should your boyfriend just admit that he loves you?

If he does, he should. But who except him would know whether he does?

How do you stop a guy from hitting on you?

Just say, "look, I know you're into me but I have a boyfriend." (Whether you do or not)

How do you know if you need to break up with your boyfriend?

Well I can say this..a realtionship is all about respect..if youyr boyfriend isn't respecting you..then you don't need him

You like a guy who you dont know if he likes you but you have a boyfriend what do you do?

First, decide whether you like him more than your boyfriend. Then, find out if he likes you back. Then decide if you are going to leave your boyfriend.

When your boyfriend wants nobody to know your together ho w do you know whether hes just embarresed or is being truthful help please?

i hate to say it, but if he loves you enough, he shouldn't be embarrassed, or bothered about antone finding out x

How do you know if your best friend's boyfriend is the right one for her?

You don't need to know that...only they need to know whether their relationship is right for the two of them.

How do you know when your boyfriend is sad after break up?

you know when hes sad because he seems lonely and trys to talk to you after the breakup