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How do you know which style of wording or grammar to use in a question?

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2006-07-08 19:18:08

Style questions are often arbitrary. Once style questions are

settled, they go in our style guide. See the link to the right. If

it's not in there, it's up for debate. We try to stick with

conventional American English. When a standard isn't clear, we try

to use what is most popular. That's hard to judge. One way to

compare the popularity of various choices is to search for the

different versions on Google and see how many results they come up

with. For example: * "in-ground pools" or "in ground pools" comes

up with 271,000 results (Google doesn't limit with the hyphen) *

"inground pools" comes up with 325,000 results * "above-ground

pools" or "above ground pools" comes up with 757,000 results *

"aboveground pools" comes up with 129,000 results This doesn't give

us a clear-cut answer, but it helps. (Somewhat arbitrarily,

"inground" and "above ground" went into the style guide.) When new

style questions come up, it's good to discuss them. Use the

discussion page attached to this question. Then we can add what we

decide on to the style guide.

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