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How do you know which style of wording or grammar to use in a question?

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βˆ™ 2006-07-08 19:18:08

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Style questions are often arbitrary. Once style questions are settled, they go in our style guide. See the link to the right. If it's not in there, it's up for debate. We try to stick with conventional American English. When a standard isn't clear, we try to use what is most popular. That's hard to judge. One way to compare the popularity of various choices is to search for the different versions on Google and see how many results they come up with. For example: * "in-ground pools" or "in ground pools" comes up with 271,000 results (Google doesn't limit with the hyphen) * "inground pools" comes up with 325,000 results * "above-ground pools" or "above ground pools" comes up with 757,000 results * "aboveground pools" comes up with 129,000 results This doesn't give us a clear-cut answer, but it helps. (Somewhat arbitrarily, "inground" and "above ground" went into the style guide.) When new style questions come up, it's good to discuss them. Use the discussion page attached to this question. Then we can add what we decide on to the style guide.

2006-07-08 19:18:08
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"G-R-A-M-M-A-R" (You should know, since you spelled it out in your question.)

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A better question is "who" needs to study grammar. If you do not know your grammar, your writing will contain grammatical errors. If your writing is important to your career, you need to study grammar.

How come no one answers my question?

You have to wait for your answer. On, patience is key. Plus, wording your question correctly, using correct spelling and grammar, and placing it in the right category will get it answered even faster.some people don't know the answer to the question, so other people try, but sometimes their really hard questions.

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Just check out the grammar in your question and you will know the answer.

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Do you know what does beauty means a right grammar?

"What does beauty mean?" would be the correct phrasing of the question.

Should people try to answer questions that don't make any sense?

If you don't know the question well, don't answer it. But if you know how to make the question more reasonable and understandable. These are some tips for making questions more understandable as far as the wording:* Check spelling and grammar in question. * Make sure wording makes sense and is in order. As for changing the answer these are some tips:* If a question is What do you do when you are in a firedon't change it to What state invented chocolate (Please note that these are just examples) * If a question is How do you fill going be the first man to foot set on the moon try changing it to How does it feel to be the first man to set foot on the moon to make the contributors of WikiAnswers understand it more so they may answer it.

Why does answers have no answers?

If a contributor does not know the answer or cannot understand the question, they tend to not respond. Try re-wording your question and make sure you categorize it correctly for the best results.

Which users are allowed to edit the actual wording of a question on WikiAnswers?

Editing the Actual Wording of a QuestionTo edit the actual wording of a question itself, you must first of all be signed in. Once you have signed in, here are a few more things for you to know:Anyone can edit the wording of an unansweredquestion.You must have a minimum of 100 contributions to edit the wording of an answered question.Only supervisors can edit questions with a popularity over 30.Ways of editing a question:To the right of the question there is a blue edit pencil. Click on this pencil in order to make changes. Then, after you have made your changes, click on Save (below the question).Click on "Question history" in the toolbar and then from that page there will be an "Improve question" link in the blue box on the left-hand side of the page (under "Question tools"). Then, after you have made your changes, press the Enter bar or click on Save (below the question).(See Related questions below for more information about editing questions on the site.)

How do you know he appreciates our best friend?

Not quite sure what you are asking from the wording of your question - could you please resubmit your question trying to be more clear and someone will respond when able. Thank you.

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I am sorry but we can't answer because we don't know the style you were given. If you can revise your question we may be able to answer.

Is it Necessary of grammar to learn a language?

Grammar is an intrinsic element of a language, the rules that explain how the language works. If you don't know the grammar, what exactly can you know of the language? Presumably, just a collection of words - the vocabulary. But you won't be able to express much with that. Your question illustrates this point quite neatly, in the case of the English language. Because you have not precisely grasped the required grammar, your question is not completely clear. I have guessed that you meant 'Is it necessary to understand the grammar of a language in order to learn the language?' But perhaps you didn't mean that - I don't know. The point is that if you understand grammar, your readers won't have to guess at your meaning: you will be able to make it unambiguous.

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Everyone would love to know the answer to that question! Grammar Lesson: "When do you have 1 billion dollars?"

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I don't know, the question was a little bit foggy. I think some grammar work needs to be done here.

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This is an easy question you have to know it.

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70 is equal to 200% of 35, based on the wording of the question. 35 is 50% of 70, if that was the intended question. And 70% of 35 is 24.5 just in case you wanted to know.

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Do you know what correct grammar is? Do you know what correct grammar is?

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In the United States of America, one should know English Grammar.

Why are so many people on here unable to properly ask a question and use proper grammar and spelling?

Many people do not know or care how their question is put; often they are in a hurry or are only "keywording" (using keywords to search like Google) rather than actually asking a question, and many of the askers are young teenagers who, unfortunately, do not actually know how to use proper grammar.

How do you know if the grammar is wrong?

Grammar is tricky. If you did not learn it as a child, the best way to learn it (and know whether your grammar is correct) is to find someone who speaks correct grammar and listen to them, a lot. NPR is a good place to listen to people who have good grammar.

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You know, I wish I could just answer this question once, but you gullible people are so good at coming up with minor variations on the wording. No.

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Please watch you grammar I believe what you are looking for is the process of photosynthesis but i dont know what you are asking because the question is disorganized...

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well i don't know the answer, my question is what are the inspirations of ZZ Packer

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Hindi grammar means: हिन्दी व्याकरण