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The Parts store will know when you tell them what you have.

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Q: How do you know which thermostat should you use?
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What kind of thermostat should you use in my 1997 ford mustang?

use the factory installed call an auto parts store and they will tell you the right thermostat you should be using

Do you need a thermostat gasket or just a housing ring when changing thermostat for 91 acura legend?

You should use a thermostat gasket along with the thermostat housing ring. The gasket should be replaced every time the thermostat housing is opened.

Does a thermostat housing have a gasket on a 1991 Nissan 240sx?

As far as I know, it should have a gasket. Make sure to use gasket sealer as well when replacing it.

What degree thermostat should i use no a 1975 Corvette?

195 degrees F

Should the thermostat be set and not turned off in summer and winter?

i dont know =D

Should you use 195 degree thermostat on Dodge Dakota?


Do you need a thermostat seal if you have no thermostat?

if you mean the gasket between the thermostat housing and the hose connection bell yes you do but you should use a thermostat to keep the engine at constant operating temperature for which it was designed it will run more efficiently and last longer

How do you use thermostat in a sentence?

Our thermostat read 80oF.

How do you change a thermostat on 1994 Audi 80?

I have a 94 Audi 100s and the thermostat is located behind the timing belt so you should think about changing the timing belt, water pump, and thermostat. I know this is a horrible desighn but what can we do.

How do you know when thermostat is bad in 1997 Pontiac sunfire?

how do you know when thermostat is bad in 19997 Pontiac sunfire

Where is the thermostate on an 2001 oldsmoblr intrigue?

i don't know that car specifically, but the thermostat is always at the end of the radiator hose. where it attaches to the engine. there should be a metal housing bolted to the engine that the hose runs into. the thermostat should be inside it.

How do you regulate a programable thermostat for the house?

I have a programable thermostat but do not know how to regulate it.

How do you know if your cars thermostat is partially stuck open?

Remove the thermostat from vehicle. Heat up a pot of water on the stove, insert thermometer in the water along with the thermostat, be sure to fill pot of water to cover thermostat. When temp reaches operating level (180 / 195 ) should be able to visually see thermost open. Get tongs and pull thermostat out of water. When it cools down you should see it close.

How would you know if your thermostat is bad in a ford escort?

how do you know if the thermostat for the ford escort sport 1999 is bad

What size wire to use to install a thermostat?

Use what is called bell wire or thermostat wire.

How do you know when your thermostat is bad on 2001 Honda Accord?

Any sign of overheating, just replace the thermostat. On a 8 year old car it should be replaced and the cooling system serviced.

How do you replace a temperature sensor on a 2003 Saturn Vue?

If you do not know how to replace it, then you should not try to replace it. If you want to know WHERE it is, then look near the thermostat housing.

Mini Thermostat ?

form_title= Mini Thermostat form_header= Know when the temperature heats up with a mini thermostat. Where will you be using the thermostat?*= _ [50] Do you need to have someone install the thermostat?*= () Yes () No Are you removing an old thermostat?*= () Yes () No

Is there a thermostat 150 180 degree that will work in a Chevy S 10 V6 43L?

Don't know what year you have but some sensors are temperature sensitive and you should run a 195 degree thermostat.

Should you Use a low temp thermostat 180 or 160 degree on a 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 360 magnum 5.9L?

Use of a non factory temp rated thermostat can cause a check engine light.

Were is the thermostat?

NEED to know what you are working on.

How do you know if your thermostat is broken?

if its not working.

What kind of thermostat should you use in your 1992 storm a high medium or low temperature?

You must use the EXACT Temperature thermostat for this car or it will constantly overheat. This is the same result if you use the high or low thermostat. If it is not printed on an underhood sticker, than consult the dealer. They won't have it in stock, but they can give you the correct temp ranged thermostat part number to cross reference. We cracked a head, and overheated several times learning this one.

Where is the thermostat on a 2002 Honda Accord?

i would like to know where is the thermostat on a 2002 Honda located

How do you know which model of rite temp thermostat you have in your home?

rite temp thermostat model # 8030