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We know that it existed in Egypt a couple thousand years ago, and in Rome and again in Japan during WWII. It's difficult to say WHO started it, but it's a very old practice. Neighboring clans or tribes would go to war and rather than kill them, the loosers were often sold to passing travellers.

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Q: How do you know who started slavery?
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What started slavery?

dont know if i did i think it would be the fighting and color rights

Where did slavery started?

slavery started in ancient times, probably as early as the stone age

How old was George Washington when slavery started?

George Washington wasn't born yet when slavery started. Slavery started in the American colonies in 1620 and George was born in 1732. Slavery in general has existed for millennia.

The civil war started on the issue of slavery?

Yes, the civil war was started on the issue of slavery.

When did the whole idea of slavery start?

the whole idea of slavery started iun 1619. it started in 1619

When did jamaica's slavery finish?

jamaias slavery started in88888

When did slavery started in America?

it started in 1619

When was slavery started?

in 1964

Who started child slavery?


Where did African American slavery start?

slavery started in 1440 when Portugal started trading slaves to western Europe

What were the reasons for slavery in America?

slavery in the Americas started when the Europeans came over and they started to enslave the native people

How did slavery start for African Americans?

When did slavery begin ? slavery started in 1619 with servants in Jamestown

What year were the first slaves captured and how?

Slavery has existed since prehistoric times. We don't know exactly when or where it started.

Who first started slavery and who was the first slave?

It can never be known what society started slavery, who took the first slaves or who those slaves were.Slavery has been a fact of life since before written history. All 'civilisations' have practised it.It remains a problem even todaySlavery has been around since ancient times, indeed the bible mentions slaves and slavery. Therefore we do not know where or when it originated.

Where in Africa did slavery start?

I think slavery started on the coast of Africa

Did Abraham Lincoln fight for slavery?

NO Lincoln fought against slavery which in return started" the War" also know as the Civil War, in the United States of Americas 1800's.

What is the specific day slavery started?

Being as slavery started many thousands of years ago there are no records of an exact date.

What time slavery started?


Who started child slavery in Ghana?

you did

Why did the US permit slavery?

Slavery started before the United States was a Country.

Did slavery start in 1850?

No, slavery started long before, in Ancient countries.

Were the Southern colonies friendly?

No. The southerns were the ones who started slavery where as the north prohibited it. The southern started slavery especially around the Civil War.

Was the union for or against slavery and why?

No they thought slavery was bad that's how the civil war started but in the 1800s there was slavery in the north and south. The Union was anti-slavery.

How did the slavery started why and what were the moral objections to slavery in the 1850 and 1860.?

read chapter 11

Did slavery start in 1820?

No slavery was used in ancient cultures. It was started in America in 1719.