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Let me answer that with a question. Who would you trust with your most valuable posession? Or better yet, who would you trust with your life. Now I want to take my kids out of public school.

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โˆ™ 2005-09-19 21:02:41
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Q: How do you know who to trust with your children?
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If they are mysterious don't trust if they seem friendly trust

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During a study I have recently conducted, mother's don't trust many young human beings. Some results stated that mother's don't even trust their own children. I do not personally have children so I don't fully know about that result. However, I don't know your situation so therefore I can not give you a reliable answer. I hope those statistics helped you.

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trust you will know

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it is important because, it will build relationships will people as they know they can trust you and will also give you a good reputation.

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