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If they are mysterious don't trust if they seem friendly trust

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Q: Should parents trust their children at day cares?
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Who is the 'Who Cares Trust' predominately aimed at providing a services to?

The "Who Cares Trust" is a great organization that is predominantly aimed at providing services for children in care. Who Cares Trust was designed to help improve everyday experiences for both children and young people in care as well in their future lives.

Should parents be allowed to read their children's texts?

it depends on the child. if the parent feels they can trust the child, i feel the parents should not have to read their childrens texts.

How do you trust your parents?

You should trust your parents because they know what's best for you.

How do you know he is the person you should marry?

If He loves, Cares,trust, single go for it

How can parents instill honesty and trust and their children?

by giving them responsibilities

You really want to trust your boyfriend when he goes out with or without girls in the picture but you cant because you keep thinking of what 'could' happen so how do you trust him again?

You Need trust to be in a relationship. he should understand where you are comming from when you say you dont trust him with or without girls in the pictures. he should ask what can he do to get his trust back. and whatever you come up with for him to do to get his trust back he should do it if he really loves you and cares about you and cares about how you feel

Why do children listen to their parents?

Well they don't always do, but I guess they do when they trust them.

What are Christian attitudes towards children and innocence?

Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven was made up of ones such as these. What he was saying was that you should have a childlike trust in God much like a child trusts their parents we should trust in our Father.

Do some parents allow their children to stay home all summer?

Absolutely! Some parents don't trust anyone but themselves to take care of their children, no matter what!

How were the lives of children of holocaust survivors changed by their parents experiences?

The children were taught to be more independent, and to not trust anyone completely

How do parents show they trust their children?

By giving them a cell phone, or smothing expensive. The reason being, is because you have to trust them in order for them not to lose something expensive.

What age should you have facebook?

Facebook doesn't let you get it till you're 13 but some people get it at like 8, I say 12 or 13 is a good age but if you're mature who cares when? If you are trust worthy and your parents say okay then whenever

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