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well you can't always be positive he is.Take it from me a 19 year old girl in California.If you care about him and you feel he cares about you the go for it.But don't move to fast and scare him just take it slow and just see how he is around you.Because think of it this way no boy is worth crying over and one who is wo'nt make you cry. Remember that and when you find him you'll just know he's the one.

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How can you get over your ex-boyfiend?

Get a new boyfriend.

Im 17 and want to know if i can put my 20 year old boyfiend as the baby's father?

Yes you can.

Who is Rihanna boyfiend?

Chris Brown

Did Christopher Columbus have childern?

no he had a boyfiend instead

Does Jordan sparks have a boyfiend?

Yes; it is Steph Jones.

Who is Megan Fox's is boyfiend?

Brian Austin Green

A guy you like keeps asking you out and it is getting on your nerves what do you do?

Well if your the one who likes him then just say this " Sorry but I already have a boyfiend."

How do you prove to your boyfiend you are sorry?

Do whatever he ask you to...Or offer to do stuff.

Your boyfiend is breaking your arms?

You call 911 and get him put in jail.

Does Miley Cyrus have a boyfiend?

Yes, his name is Justin Gaston.

Does nat wolff love Paris Alexander?

yes is love her they are boyfiend and girlfriend

Estoy feliz de ser tu novio?

I'm happy to be your boyfiend.

How is madame defarge cheated in A Tale of Two Cities?

her boyfiend was kissing the king of England

Does joe have a crush on demi?

no the Jonas brother are like brothers to her she would never actually date one as a boyfriend maybe to be like a get together to the movies but not boyfiend and girlfriend.

A girl likes you and you like her too But she has boyfriend?

then eventually she will break up with her boyfriend and get with you or she will stay with her boyfiend

How do you get with a girl that has a boyfiend?

Tell her how much she means to you and see what happens. If nothing, then ask if you can atleast be her friend.

What did Karen Van Wirdum ask her boyfriend in 1994 after wining the silver medalian?

she did not hava a boyfiend in that point of time

What do you do when your boyfriend's friend tells him everything you say?

Stop telling him, that way he can't turn around and tell your boyfiend anything.

What would you do if you found a scrapebook of your boyfiend and his ex?

you should comfront him about it and if he gives you negative attitude than take it into another matter.

What do you do when your boyfiend has a close friend who you cannot tolerate?

Last time i checked, your not dating the close friend.... or are you ... but it shouldn;t matter.

Does Roxy die and does she get a boyfiend in winxclub?

No,Roxy does not die.She will get a boyfriend soon maybe season5.Im guessing Andy is her boyfriend. . .

Can a girl sleep with her boyfiend round for the night?

A girl can sleep with her boyfriend around for the night. It's nice to have someone to snuggle with.

How much does it cost for a scooters insurance?

my mum boyfiend is buying me a new scooter for my birthday which is in September i don't no how much the insurance will cost me.

Who was Anne Franks boyfiend?

By:AndreaGuite#10 in Mr.Bruces Class Hey Mrbruces Class If u wrote this question its spelled wrong

How do you know if a girl is really wanting to b with you if she has a boyfiend?

She'll pay less attention to her current boyfriend. She'll look at you sometimes and that's when you'll feel that she wants to be your boyfriend. This is just how some girls act. It's not certain that all girls act like this.