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How do you launch the giant space rabbot on 24 carrot island?


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November 25, 2009 4:38AM

Launching the Giant Space Rabbot # Enter the door that says "Drones Only". If you aren't wearing rabbot ears, you will get some from the trap door room. (You cannot use the Costumizer.) # Climb up the giant rabbot to reach the control center at top right. Free the drone from Dr. Hare's mind control by pressing the button on the ears. # Type in the password (fuzzybunny) and the command code (launch rabbot). (When the rabbot goes into space, crash it into the meteoroids using the joystick. Follow the kid out. If you did not rescue the 4th kid, they will still be freed.) You have defeated Dr. Hare! Talk to the mayor and get your Island Medallion!
To get the password, go to the printing room from the vent and turn off the lady´s rabbit ears. Then, she will give you the password; fuzzybunny.